Social Media versus Pay Per Click

Let’s say you own a fairly new business, where should you spend your time and money to generate sales – social networking or pay per click?

I feel that social networking is an excellent way to connect with prospects and engage clients. I love Twitter, Facebook, and blogging, but will these avenues generate immediate sales for a new business? I have to say from my personal experience using all these tools that although they are important for immediate sale generation, these tools can simply not compete with the power of sales generation that Google AdWords provides.

Does this mean you shouldn’t be involved in social media? No, not at all, but I feel that for new startups of a business that wants a return of immediate sales from their monetary investment that pay per click using Google AdWords is a better investment. I feel that social media involvement is key for positioning, search engine placement, customer engagement, and overall web authority, but this is most important for established businesses.

Startups typically have a short fuse – you have to generate some business quickly in order to stay in business. The more business you generate the more you can invest in your web presence. Here’s where social media involvement for the typical startup may simply be too far sighted. Although these are important things in which to invest your time, they may not return placement and sales for six months to a year or longer. These social avenues may not generate sales at all, they may help with authority and organic placement.

So if your need as a new business is to generate sales and you have a limited budget, I recommend investing in pay per click specifically using Google AdWords to get the jump start that you need. Then later as you are more established and have more cash to invest in growing your web presence consider blogging, Facebook and Twitter.

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