Social Bookmarking – Is It Worth the Effort?

Social bookmarking is a new smart way to create inbound links to your content, but is it worth the time and effort? So far based on client studies it appears to be a very workable approach. However it is labor intensive.

Here are a few client results from the Google Webmaster control panel after just 30 days of social bookmarking three pages a week.

Client A
inbound links before: 5,099
inbound links after: 5,107

Client B
inbound links before: 9,964
inbound links after: 10,162

Although this is not a super fast way to grow links, clearly it is growing links nicely over time. But the link growth depends on the topic and quality of content. Client B’s site appears to be growing faster as the quality of content is more newsworthy and is of better quality when compared to Client A’s.

I have found that the social bookmarking sites have worked very hard to defeat automated entries and so our links are all generated manually which is labor intensive. However social bookmarking can be done by any site owner with a bit of extra time. I find the benefits in the short term are measurable and easier and more efficient than contacting website owners asking for a one way inbound link or even a reciprocal link.

If you are interested in our social bookmarking program, I invite you to visit our social bookmarking services page for pricing and more information.