SocialPoster Making Social Bookmarking Easier

Social bookmarking can be time consuming, but if you break adding your links down into manageable posting chunks you can receive the link benefits with less effort. I like for my posting help.

First, I prepare my links and descriptions in Notepad. Make sure to turn off word wrap to prevent posting spacing issues.

Second, make sure before you start that you have logged into all your accounts and set your login cookies.

Third,┬ácopy and paste your posting information from Notepad into the SocialPoster interface. Tick off the social bookmarking sites you will be using and then click “Start Posting”.

No submissions are automatic, but for some sites, SocialPoster will autofill your submission allowing you to work more quickly. You may only have to enter the tags or a description instead of the full link submission.

P.S. Social Poster has not paid me for this blog post. I just think that their free online application is a real help and wanted to share it with you.