Growing Your Twitter Following Base Update

This past Friday I published a blog post about how to grow your Twitter following base. Here’s an update on our project. First, I prewrote that article on Saturday February 6th. On that day we had five people following AskKeebler. Our fan base grew all last week and as of today (when I am writing this – Saturday 2-19), AskKeebler has 60 followers.

Our plan this week to additionally grow our spokesdog account is to interact with followers and retweet their updates this upcoming week.

This is what I do personally, and it works to grow an account. Using HootSuite on a daily basis, I will review my home stream, they I will review the status updates of my followers. I will additionally review the stream of those I follow who are not necessarily following Keebler. Then I will choose pertinent updates to comment to, choose those updates that are funny, cute or informative to retweet, and click in to various Twitter accounts to find out more about people who had good updates. I will use the scheduling function in HootSuite to spread these interactions out over the day.

If someone had a good update, I will click in and either send a direct message or @ message (depending on if they are following me) with a question or to thank them for the information they have posted. I will also be looking to share pictures of Keebler doing some funny things this week and browsing for doggie videos on YouTube to share.

The bottom line is that I am looking to connect! Last week I asked a number of dog trainers for some help with Keebler’s incessant running around the kitchen table (God lover her), and got some great suggestions. I will go back to those people and report what I did and am trying, to say thank you.

When you look to connect more than vomit out spam about you and your services on Twitter, others respond by following you. I find that it is hard to initially build  a good following base. There simply is no short cut, but you can end up with a rich interactive community that makes your time spent on Twitter really fun.

If you haven’t followed our Spokesdog on Twitter yet, what are you waiting for? Our goal for this month is 150 followers. Click and and just follow AskKeebler to join the fun!