Blogmaster Services and Regular WordPress Security Audits

We want to help keep your blog safe from hackers and spammers. With our blogmaster  and security audit service, we keep your blog updated and monitor your core  WordPress files for unauthorized changes. Although this may not prevent your  blog from being hacked, it will allow for quick attention if a problem is found.  (Please note: repair of files or cleaning of WordPress is billed as an additional  hourly charge if an infection  is found.)

With our Blogmaster Service, you decide the frequency: once a week, twice  a month, or once a month.

These are the actions we perform on your blog:

  • Approve or delete any comments.
  • Discard    spam.
  • Update any plug-ins
  • Upgrade your WordPress application (if you are using    one-click updates).
  • Do a MySQL back up.
  • Perform an XML blog post export.
  • Run our security scans.
  • Monitor your WordPress core files for unauthorized changes.

Our Blogmaster Pricing

Initial installation of security plug-ins – $50.00
Blogmaster review once a    week – $15.00
Blogmaster review twice a month – $30.00
Blogmaster review once a month – $20.00

Please note for blogs with many comments to approve your pricing may be    higher.