The Facebook Timeline

On September 22nd, Facebook announced that by September 30 a new look would be rolled out in Facebook. The new look is called a Timeline. As of early this week (this post was written on October 1) I am only seeing the Timeline on developer sites. I can’t see the Timeline on our spokesdog site or that of family members.

I have found in one news article that Facebook has stated that “Facebook Timeline has yet to be launched to all of its 800 million users.”¬†Which brings us to when exactly will mainstream Facebook users be funneled into the Timeline?

Although most press has been good, especially with the new attractive cover image which is 720 pixels wide, the depth of information shown on users is a bit concerting. Comments of “this is too much information about me” and “this looks like a life resume” are surfacing on the Web; with not everyone being in love with the new Timeline look.

Personally, I like the cover, and I like how the content is now compartmentalized, but will I go back and add baby pictures of myself? No way! How this will impact Facebook Business Pages is still to be seen. I have not seen the select a cover option appear in any of the Business Pages we manage professionally. I have however seen that the ability to send a note to all fans has disappeared as Facebook said it would after September 30th.

It will be interesting this next month as Facebook rolls out the Timeline to see what people do with the graphic space. Once you set up your cover, enter a link to your Facebook profile in the comments below so we can see what you have done. Here’s mine: