Be a Part of Our Test on Facebook

I am in the process of creating a new white paper on if moving your posting times on Twitter and Facebook increase your level of engagement. Additionally, I am testing the number of posts that fans like to see on Facebook. I invite you to become a part of the process and get our white paper when we publish it for free.

Here’s how to participate:

Facebook McCordWeb
On this Facebook business page, we are posting five times a day. We would very much appreciate it if you would like our page and then let us know if you can see our updates in your news feed. Do they appear, are they too frequent, do you only see them in the ticker, is the timing right? We appreciate your letting us know your thoughts as this will change our service offerings and how we manage our clients for Facebook services.

Facebook McCord Web Services
On this Facebook business page, we are only posting once and maybe twice a day. Here we are testing to see if you can even see our update. Can you see our update in the news feed, is our update lost in the shuffle or noise, can you even see the update in the left sidebar under your page likes. We would very much appreciate your liking this page to help with this particular test.

Remember, we are not trying to spam you but really want to evaluate what fans want and see on Facebook. We will continue our test until the end of December. If you choose to participate, we will post a link to our white paper for you to get it free when it is completed.

Thanks for considering joining our test and letting us know feed back on what you see. Although we test what can be seen on other Facebook accounts, to have a more sets of eyes letting us know what they can see if truly invaluable.


Nancy McCord