Promoting Brand New Products No One Has Heard Of

So you’ve just created a brand new product that you really believe in, got your first container shipment from your factory in China, you’ve launched your new website, and now nothing is happening! What do you do to get sales moving?

Not always is Google AdWords the best place to promote a product that no one even knows exists. If you do want to try AdWords, depending on the product, sometimes the display network is the very best place to use to promote unknown products. Great animated banner ads can communicate visually what you are selling and get some low cost exposure. Using the CPM (cost per one thousand impressions) versus the cost per click model may be best for these types of products. I would not recommend that you use text ads to promote this type of product, but certainly it depends on what the product is.

Some ways that you can promote your brand new product would be:

  • Do a press release and send it to as many news agencies as possible. This may cost up to $1,000 or more but may be a great way to get initial exposure.
  • Get started on YouTube and take videos of your product in action.
  • Consider using Google AdWords to promote your YouTube video.
  • Work your social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Get exposure at appropriate trade shows. If you are selling a new door lock for hurricane protection, make sure to be at home shows and hardware shows. You may need to initially focus on selling to the distributor market first with face to face selling or demonstrations.

Make sure that your business plan has enough money to market your product before you even go into production. Just because you make it, people won’t be lined up to buy it without knowing more about it and how it could benefit them!