Google Aggressively Takes on Website Optimization as Web Spam Part I

In the last thirty to sixty days Google has been changing and tweaking their algorithm and has also quietly been updating and changing its webmaster guidelines.  Here are just a few things that you should know just in case you missed them.

  1. New disavow link tool – not to be used lightly, this tool is to be used only after you have tried other removal protocols first, but using this tool will tell Google you do not want them to consider a particular site that is linking to you in their algorithm. More information from Google on this topic. Google continues to work to categorize inbound links weighting some heavier than others and penalizing website for certain types of links.
  2. Update to the webmaster guideline about links and other optimization tactics. Read the information from Google. What may be a concern to some is the use of CSS and possibly some uses of Spry widgets where some webmasters may have been hiding keyword dense text specifically for improved placement.

Come back on Wednesday to read the rest of the points in this article.