LinkedIn Business Pages Get a New Cover

Our LinkedIn Cover Image

For many businesses moving away from Facebook, LinkedIn is becoming the place to be. Not only can you have an personal executive profile at LinkedIn, but your business can have a LinkedIn page too.

Business pages just got upgraded to a new cover look and so if you have a Business Page, you’ll want to login to LinkedIn and add a large graphic as your cover shot. Here’s our page so you can see what the cover looks like.

It is important to know that the image you create for LinkedIn must be 646 pixels wide and 220 pixels tall or it won’t upload. The image can actually be larger and when loaded LinkedIn will allow you to crop it, but must meet these minimum requirements.

The finished cover look is very Twitter-ish/Facebook-ish. I took elements of our company website banner for branding purposes, but you can use just about any image you would like.

With businesses looking to be social but socially productive, LinkedIn and the activity you find there definitely warrants another look. We provide LinkedIn status updates to your personal executive page. Check with us for more information or visit our services page online.