Get a Free Mobile Website For One Year

This is a great way to try out the mobile web for your own website for free from DudaMobile and Google.¬† Just visit the link and DudaMobile creates a free mobile version website for you and hosts it for one year all for FREE! At the end of a year, if you like it, you’ll pay about $100 to $150 for each year after.

It is easy to create your own mobile website. I let the interface just create mine and then colored it and added my logo. At the end of the process code is created that I then just installed on the home page of my website that redirects my mobile viewers automatically to my new mobile friendly website.

What’s great is that I even get stats from DudaMobile showing how many visitors came to my mobile website to allow me to review if I feel it is important to keep.

I have to say that having experimented in mobile design and having had problems with sniffing out the various phone types to deliver a mobile page, that this application is really foolproof and has done quite well.

If you’ve wanted to test mobile but didn’t wanted to either get into the code, pay a premium for a special design, for now the service is free thanks to Google and DudaMobile. Just visit my site with your smartphone to see my DudaMobile website.