Google Introduces Consumer Surveys

Google has just introduced a new program to track consumer satisfaction with your website. You can read the full announcement on the Google Blog. Personally I feel that this is another Carrot and Stick application from Google. The carrot will be you get free code and information about how your own visitors feel about your website. Google gets information that it may use to rank your website organically.

To me it sure looks similar to Friend Connect which had been retired. The more information that we willingly give to Google about our own website visitors the more Google knows about our traffic. It would be very naive to think that Google will not use this information we give it using Consumer Surveys for anything but its own use to know the mind of our own site visitors.

Does it cost money? Here’s the pricing:

“The default questions are free and you can customize questions for just $0.01 per response or $5.00 for 500 responses.”

Do I recommend that website owners use Consumer Surveys? Not at this time until we know more about what Google is doing with the information.