The Value of a SEM Manager

Google has been adding new automation tools into AdWords with the supposition of making the program easier to use, but is it really? Although you can now automate many routine actions such as pausing keywords, enabling keywords, bidding up or bidding down by set criteria automation will never replace the efforts of a seasoned AdWords account manager who makes budget and strategy decisions.

Although automation tools can help to manage large accounts by its very nature there is no reality review done by automation tools that can respond to market changes, auction changes, and a varied marketplace. Although my firm does routinely use automation tools for AdWords account management, we routinely also check the results these tools provide to make sure that the settings are still working for an account. In fact, we will even sort data back 60 to 90 days to make sure that the automation has not run crazy damaging account performance.

Interestingly enough, we are doing a review right now using the Search Funnel reports for clients and are finding out that some keywords paused by automation actually were conversion assist or conversion impression assist keywords and should be re-enabled.

I have found automation is only as good as the account manager you have that sets the automation in place and then verifies and checks that the automation is working for your account.

I’d be glad to chat with you next week about your own AdWords account management needs if you feel that our services would be a match for you.