Part II The New SEO is De-Optimized SEO

This post is continued from Tuesday.

Once you’ve de-optimized your website in an effort to improve organic placement, where do you go from there?

My personal recommendations for site placement:

  • Get blogging at least twice a week using an on-domain blog
  • Get going with Google+ and post regularly at least once a day
  • Create a Google+ Community in your area of expertise and work to foster interaction
  • Start tweeting and work to engage specific followers strategically
  • Enhance the message back on your website make sure what and how you do it is clear
  • CreateĀ  a mobile friendly website or one that is mobile responsive
  • Regularly add new content to your website including downloads, special papers, and tip sheets

The new optimization is user-centric and moves to a stronger emphasis on what readers will want to know about you and your services in a sharable way. Great content is sharable content! That’s the new world of optimization for 2013.

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