Bing Ads Announces Product Ads

Google and Bing Product Ads Generate a Strong ROI
Google and Bing Product Ads Generate a Strong ROI

New into the e-commerce product selling market with product images in their search results, Bing Ads enters with a new service offering called Bing Product Ads. With huge returns for e-commerce stores and familiarity with Google Shopping (previously known as Product Listing Ads), Bing Product Ads is sure to be a hit. For early embracers of this new program the ability for them to own their product market on Bing is a huge incentive to move in fast. Well, at least for now, while there is not strong competition for buyers. You can read Bing’s full announcement.

I have found the biggest stumbling block to businesses moving into either Google or Bing’s product program is the creation of the data feed. It is onerous to create the taxonomy to match both Bing and Google’s criteria that allows for them to sort and return your products in ads.

I have however found that Lexity may provide the solution in regards to data feed creation. For Bing Ads, Lexity provides several tiers of service with monthly fees plus a click budget, and services over 36 different shopping carts. With big business now being done starting with consumers clicking a picture of a product in search results and then moving all the way to the purchase process Lexity provides the right service at the right time.

Although not everything that Lexity sells in their own toolbox has value, the Bing Ads and Google Shopping programs are of important note and something that e-commerce stores should definitely consider using. The ROI that I have seen from clients of mine that are using Lexity to create the product ads for Bing and Google is extremely good.