Google AdWords’ First Page Bid Strategy

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Using a bid strategy in Google AdWords to automatically place bids to move your ads to the first page of ad results seems like a good suggestion, but be careful, in the accounts we have tested this bid strategy on, clicks have fallen to more than half when compared to auto-bid and no bid strategy settings.

In fact monitoring numerous client accounts, I have personally found that not only have clicks nearly dropped to half, but that clicks were sometimes as much as 30% more without an increase in lead conversions.

When you enact a bid strategy in Google AdWords, it is very important to closely monitor and be ready to roll back if you don’t get the results you were expecting.

For one client we did see a strong increase in lead conversions in the first 15 days of use, but by the end of a 30 period we saw a 50% drop in clicks and no substantial increase in conversions. Rolling back the account to remove first page bid strategy and using auto-bidding with a bid cap to boost clicks to appear on the typical average first page bid has provided much better results for the clients we manage.

It is always important to test new features in AdWords, but not to take a set it and forget it strategy. If you need a proactive, smart, and knowledgeable Google AdWords account manager, I invite you to find out more about the services my firm offers for Google AdWords account set up, optimization, and routine management.