Get 100 GB of Cloud Storage Free From Microsoft OneDrive

Thanks Microsoft and Bing. I love the new 100 GB of cloud storage!
Thanks Microsoft and Bing. I love the new 100 GB of cloud storage!

I love OneDrive and use it to communicate, manage, and share files with my off-site employees. I have been using OneDrive for years and was excited to find that by signing up for Bing Rewards, Microsoft will give me 100 GB of OneDrive cloud storage for two years for free!

Originally, when this promotion was announced it was only available to US users, but Microsoft has now expanded the offering globally.

To get the extra storage, you’ll first need a Microsoft account. Then head to Bing Rewards and sign up. After sign up you will click the link below the form to grab your free additional storage for One Drive. Then head to OneDrive and get the suite of apps.

I have to say that this is actually a pretty great deal. As I store work folders and files for my employees to sync with their computers in OneDrive, this is a really nice additional bonus for my team.

Bing will apply awards to your Bing Rewards account when you do searches on Awards come in the way of gift cards, sweepstakes entries and even donations to charities.

Microsoft and have been moving very quietly in the background to reinvent themselves and this is just one of the new perks you can get by simply taking a look and checking them out. You are not forced to use Bing as your search engine, just enticed with some nice benefits on the side.


Twitter Analytics Can Help Unlock Keys to Your Success

Screen shot of Twitter's new analytics tool.
Screen shot of Twitter’s new analytics tool.

Twitter has a new tool and if you have not checked it out yet, I would strongly encourage you to do so.  It is called Twitter Analytics. This new tool allows you to dig into who is following you and what is happening in regards to interaction with your tweets.

Twitter Analytics, accessed from, can give you additional insights that are valuable for changing or enhancing what you write about and who you would want to follow and connect with. You can view information on tweet interaction and even follower demographics.

Here are just a few tidbits that you can find out about your Twitter audience using my own audience data as an example.

1. 81% of my followers are men.

2. 81% of my followers are interested in marketing tips.

3. 58% of my followers are interested in SEO.

4. 44% of my followers also follow @DrJeffersnBoggs.

5. 4% of my followers are in New York City, 4% in Washington DC,  and 4% are in LA.

Just this information alone will help me to tailor better updates for my followers and work harder to engage them. Twitter Analytics is free for now.

If you need help getting started with Twitter of need writing for your Twitter profile, I invite you to find out more about our Twitter writing services today.


MamaBear App – Teen Driving Tracker

MamaBear App Icon
MamaBear App Icon

I love to use technology and now that my kids have a new car, because the old one had been totaled, I felt that I needed to have a little better oversight on their driving habits.

I have triplet 18 year olds who are all three brand new drivers. They love the freedom and so do I, but I worry about their safety. With a new car, I felt that there should be some accountability on being a safe driver so there’s be no more wrecks. And no speeding tickets as the new car has much more power and coolness factor.

I have searched high and low for a smartphone app that would allow me to know how fast they were driving right when they were driving. I found MamaBear. This is one of the few apps for parents that is for Android (that’s me) and iPhone (that’s them).

It is easy to set up and although you can get very stalkerish with your kids on this app – monitoring them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, I opted to only know where they were and to get an alert if they were driving over 55 mph.

In the app you can add multiple kids and multiple guardians. You can set what speed you want to get warned about. Where we live 55 mph was good. You can even set safe zones. For example I set up home and school as safe zones so I can be notified when they come home and when they are at school.

I don’t want to get too crazy about monitoring, and so am really only using this app for safe driving accountability, but I can see for some parents it may have way more uses.

So far so good. My kids can even see on a map where all family members are including Mom and Dad – that’s kind of cool. In fact that’s one of the things they liked.

You may want to check MamaBear out too. Oh, by the way, it is free. You can move to a paid version to get reports and more tracking and it is not too expensive if you felt you needed that. For me free is fine.

Get it at the following places:

Google Play:

IPhone App Store:

P.S. I am not being paid for this review, I just found the app, am using it and wanted to share it with other parents of teen drivers who may be just like me.


Calendly – Fast and Friendly Appointment and Call Scheduling

Wow, I love this app!
Wow, I love this app!

OMG I love this calendar scheduling application. A prospect asked me to schedule a call with him this last week using Calendly. I thought it was such a cool online productivity tool that I jumped right in to use it for my own business.

First, it is important to know that Calendly is not paying me for this blog post. I have just started using it and really like it so far. For me, I schedule between 6 to 10 conference calls a week. Some of my clients have Outlook and I can do meeting invitations and others don’t. Sometimes I am stood up for my call and sometimes I have to chase a client around for a few days to either pin them down or hook up with them by phone.

Calendly looks like it is going to solve most of my problems. Here’s specifically what I like:

1. No more “What’s your time zone again?” or “Was our call Eastern or Pacific?” Calendly talks to your customer/prospect in their time zone. You enter information in yours and Calendly translates it to theirs. – Excellent!

2. You can set up all types of calls 15 minute, 30 minute, and 60 minutes are defaults in the Premium Level, but the free will just have 15 minutes or one custom sized call. I like 20 minutes for my calls but have some clients that need 30 minutes. I have full control of setting the appointment time. – Excellent again!

3. Reminders are sent to you and the client and you decide the frequency. I set mine up for 24 hours, 2 hours, and 30 minutes out. I am hoping that this will help my conference call attendees be on time and minimize being stood up on my call. – Loved this option.

4. It integrates with my Google Calendar which I sync to my desktop and all devices either with Google or with Companion Link for Outlook. Now here’s my tip. Outlook typically will take your appointments or things you put in your calendar and mark your time as busy. I found that on set up I had not times available as I have many repeating work appointments in my calendar. I opened them and set them as “free” availability – I did this in Outlook and double checked in my Google Calendar, and now I have tons of spots for clients to select from. – This is one of the best features!

5. With Calendly I feel that I am providing better customer service. Instead of me choosing a conference call time that works for me, I am letting my client be in the driver seat. I’ve even opened up evenings for chats as with my conference calling capability I can be on the road myself and call in for a conference call while on the go.

I am still trying to decide if I want to stay with the free level or upgrade to the Premium level, but so far I consider Calendly a real find and wanted to encourage you to check it out too if you live on your phone and calendar like I do.



Received the Google Mobile Notice – How Do I Fix It

Image of a responsive website on multiple devices.
Make sure you set the viewport for your site to display it properly on multiple devices.

If you have received the Google notice that your website is not mobile friendly and yet you do not have the budget right now to rebuild your website AND you don’t want to have your traffic lowered because of the issue, what can you do?

There are a few services available that will scan your existing site and allow you to drag and drop files in their editor to make a responsive website. Even web hosts have gotten into the action with website templates that are integrated into their hosting platforms.

Although these simplified templates do not allow for a rich, interactive, and custom site, they are good alternatives that are relatively easy albeit fairly time consuming to work with.

Some sites that you may want to check out if you are a do it yourselfer are:

DudaMobile – has mobile friendly as well as responsive designs

WIX – just be careful of the design as not all are really responsive

Shopify has some nice designs to consider

Webflow is even a consideration.

Of course if you want greater control over your design and content, or simply do not have enough time to do this yourself, we have a very nice turnkey program for responsive websites for you to check out and try out online.


Google Starts to Warn Website Owners on Mobile Viewing Issues

Google Notice on Mobile
You do not want to get this email from Google!

You do not want to get email from Google – really!  Just this week Google started posting in the Webmaster Control Panel and emailing website owners notifications like this one.

“Google systems have tested 25 pages from your site and found that 96% of them have critical mobile usability errors. The errors on these 24 pages severely affect how mobile users are able to experience your website. These pages will not be seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, and will therefore be displayed and ranked appropriately for smartphone users.”

Seeing as this site has only 25 pages, that means that Google is in essence saying “you’ve got big problems!”

Earlier in the year, Google warned that they would be evaluating websites for mobile friendliness and they also stated that this notification such as this one in this blog post would be the first step. The second step, Google stated,  would be to mark the site in the Google mobile search index as not viewable on a mobile phone.  Yikes, that sounds like a soft penalty.

Google also alluded to a third step which to many webmasters such as myself appears to be a organic penalty. Although Google may be slow to take this last action, they are clearly working their plan starting just this past week.

Many legacy websites are simply not responsive designed and are not mobile friendly. The site that received this notification is over 8 years old. If your site was not built in the last two years, expect to be getting notification of problems too.

I invite you to review our prices and programs to help you move your legacy website to a responsive site that Google will love. Find out more today.