Google is Trashing Removed Campaigns and Keywords from Your AdWords Account

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Google doesn’t let you throw anything away. From archiving in GMail to allowing only a “remove” and not a “delete” in AdWords, Google just hates to throw stuff away – permanently. Well, that was until now…

Starting the week of March 24, Google will be starting to purge its files of your Google AdWords removed ads. But, only if the item has had no impressions and been “removed” for over 100 days.

I for one, wish Google would delete some things permanently in AdWords accounts as sometimes “removed” items will trigger Google filters and create flags for an account with warning or notice messages. As you cannot find the item to solve it – as you had “removed” it, you have to phone Google support for help.

Come on Google, when we click “remove”, we really mean “delete”!

Okay, so the purge of really old stuff nobody wanted or clicked on is a start for Google – it is still a baby step. At least for Google to think of really and truly deleting something/anything is a change.

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