Search Plus Display Select in Google AdWords

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I have two AdWords accounts that I have had in Search and Display Select for several months. I personally hate comingling the two networks in one campaign, but I have to say that this strategy is definitely working for these accounts.

In fact, when I move them out of Display Select and simply run them in search conversion number really drop. Moving them back in almost instantaneously bumps up conversions – Why?

Google has stated a few things about advertising in the Display network that I wanted to share with you.

• Adding Display to a Search campaign increases brand recall by 124%.

• Increases purchase intent by 31%

• After seeing a Display ad customers are 140% more likely to click on an organic link.

• Driving traffic by combining Display with Search increases the likelihood of a visit by 27%.

With Display Select being better than just regular Display, for some accounts this is the “secret sauce” that seems to build strong conversion activity.

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