Why Isn’t Mobile Converting for Some AdWords Advertisers?

Is mobile hot for you? Find out why it may not be.
Is mobile hot for you? Find out why it may not be.

With mobile activity jumping in Google AdWords, why is it that some clients are simply not getting conversions in the mobile space?

Here’s my short list on why you may not be converting or getting your fair share of mobile lead conversions when you use Google AdWords.

  1. Have you tried to buy or fill out your own form from your own smartphone? Sometimes the process you have on your own website is not practical for smartphone users. Do you have too many steps in your shopping cart checkout? Is your website mobile friendly? Do you ask too many questions on your lead form?
  2. Does your website load fast? If it takes more than 5 seconds for your mobile site to load, your prospects may be surfing away. Consider if they are on a 3G network the load time for your site may be chasing them back to the search results to try elsewhere.
  3. Are you sending your AdWords clicks to the right page on your website? It can be hard to navigate around a website from a smartphone screen. When you advertise in AdWords either take the user to the exact page on your site where your product or service resides or start using keyword specific URLs in your account that override the ad group destination URL.

For many of our clients mobile is hot, hot, hot. Leads for some advertisers are less expensive and the volume can be big. But be aware that mobile is not hot for every client in every vertical.

Make sure you are doing adequate testing at a high enough cost per click bid to really test is mobile is the place for you or if desktops are still where you want to spend the majority of your budget.

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