Blogging for the Authority It Builds

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In my world, that of webmasters, blogging is not about chatty comments from readers. In fact for me, blogging is not really about subscribers, rather blogging is all about building new fresh content on your website, garnering inbound links, creating new content for search engines to spider and to build website/keyword authority.

Yes, content of this type of blogging is crucial and not for the faint of heart. Excellent and well-written blog posts capture the attention of a wider market, encourage others to link to your content, and effectively soft sell your products and services. It is less about writing about you and more about writing to answer a question or solve a problem!

If you stay focused on the real reason for a blog and monitor link growth over time in the Google Search Console, you will feel the value of blogging more than if you are monitoring the number of comments from readers.

Add to the mix the ability to garner search placement on blog posts that will then act as a doorway into your website for readers, and blogging has even more value.

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