Buying a Business Requires an Online Review by an Experienced Expert

Be on target and knowledgeable before you buy.

The digital age has complicated what to review before buying a business. I have one entrepreneur client who bought a business and found out later that the website had no valid logins and is infected with malware.

Additionally, the webmaster was trying to sell the business without the real business owner’s knowledge. Contracts for domain transfer and hosting had already been signed with the webmaster before the real owner stepped in.

A review of statistics, source code, and logins for social media, the web server, and the website should all be validated before a final price is negotiated.  If you know that the website has malware, has been banned on Google, and that there is no way to login or transfer the domain to you will definitely impact the price you decide to offer for an online business.

Make sure that you know before you buy! My firm does offer expert review services by the hour at a rate of $90 per hour to review these important items before you make a purchase. Contact us for more information.


Not Posting to Facebook? Drop It From Your Website

Don't Leave Facebook without Updates
Don’t Leave Facebook without Updates

Social media is about connecting. One of my pet peeves is for business websites to have a Facebook icon, but they have not updated Facebook for months or sometimes years.

My rule is, if you are not using it – lose it!

We all have our favorite social media accounts to use and some of us will use more than others, but if you are going to have the icon on your website, you should try to do at least one update a week and at the minimum of once a month. If you cannot keep on top of that consider farming out your social media updates to an employee or contactor.

When you are operating in a competitive market, social media interaction may be the one thing that helps differentiate you from your competitors. Especially if you are providing value to users in the things you are doing on social media.

It does not have to be difficult to keep your platforms updated. You can use an application like Hootsuite or Sendible to schedule, repeat, and save updates to reuse. In fact with Hootsuite, you can even send the same update to multiple profiles with one click.

Don’t make things hard for yourself, boost traffic and engage clients with the smart use of Facebook and social media.


Specialized Blog Writing Services With An SEO Focus

Get more than content, get blogging with an SEO focus.
Get more than content, get blogging with an SEO focus.

When you use our blog writing services, we want you to get more than great content!

My philosophy on blog writing is that it is only “content” if you are not using a keyword targeted strategy. But, that is truthfully not enough. If you are blogging but never know your placement, how can you know if you are improving and for that matter how can you know you have selected the “right” keywords to focus on.

Here’s where our optional specialized SEO reporting takes our blogging writing services from solely content creation to a content and SEO strategy.

In addition to blogging, we offer an add-on reporting component. We sell  seats in our reporting interface that when tied in with our blog writing services and SEO consulting, give us a metric to measure our activity against.

When you are ready to move your blog writing services to a SEO-driven focus, call us at McCord Web Services. You’ll get great blog content PLUS a real SEO focus and strategy.


Understanding Broad Match in AdWords

Keep your AdWords program targeted by understanding match types.
Keep your AdWords program targeted by understanding match types.

As an experienced AdWords Manager I understand the value and issues of using broad match keywords, do you?

Here is a easy to understand tutorial about broad match and when you should and should not use them in your Google AdWords account.

Broad Match Keyword Match Type – this is the most used AdWords keyword match type and the most unfiltered type. It is used almost exclusively by inexperienced AdWords managers.

AdWords loves the broad match keyword match type as it generates lots of traffic, many clicks, and increases their payment.

I personally do not like to use broad match and prefer to use instead broad match modifier which looks like this in the AdWords control panel +keyword +here.

Here’s what Google AdWords says about broad match keywords:

“When you use broad match, your ads automatically run on relevant variations of your keywords, even if these terms aren’t in your keyword lists. This helps you attract more visitors to your website, spend less time building keyword lists, and focus your spending on keywords that work.”

“Broad match is the default match type that all your keywords are assigned if you don’t specify another match type (exact match, phrase match, or negative match). The Google AdWords system automatically runs your ads on relevant variations of your keywords, including synonyms, singular and plural forms, possible misspellings, stemming (such as floor and flooring), related searches, and other relevant variations. To help deliver relevant matches, this match type may also take the customer’s recent search activities into account.”

What Google does not say is that if your broad match phrase is GPS fleet management, for example, Google  would show your ads and generate click charges on broad matched keywords like: adware gps, air lq fleet, at&t fleet oakland park blvd, azuga device, blacklist gps, cyntrx customer service, dash cams for fleets, digital fleet, usft, fleetsharp instructions. These are real keywords and real terms found in an AdWords account that are showing ads and accruing clicks. I personally find these terms very untargeted and I would not want my clients paying for clicks for those terms.

Instead, I recommend a very careful use of broad match and prefer using a broad match modifier keywords.

If you feel you need better results from your investment in AdWords, I invite you to review our service offerings and schedule a free 15 minute call and account review to see how we would be able to improve performance and get better quality conversions for your ad spend.