Working Online with Teams

How to Work with Remote Teams
How to Work with Remote Teams

My firm employs a number of staff to assist with Google Ads consultingsocial media, and blog writing. Not all staff is located on-site.

Here are a few tips on how to communicate and keep staff on track and accountable as well as focused.

Use Technology to Communicate
Most of our staff is under the age of 30. I have found that assuring that they have mobile access to tasking is key. We use TeamUp for our online tasking and scheduling app. Each staff member has a smartphone with enough data monthly to access work. I require that when projects are completed that they mark the item done or drag that item to the day they will work on it.

Use Video to Show How
When I have complicated tasks, I do a video explanation followed up by an email. Some of my staff like to closely follow the steps in the email and others get the gist of what to do by watching the video. As a good boss I know which of my staff members needs what and I try to supply the information in the way that I know will be the easiest for them to get and understand. My videos are typically 4 to 10 minutes long and show as a hands on what to do. The emails are detailed so staff can print it out and follow step by step.

Teach Accountability
Although work gets done, assuring that they note that something has been completed in TeamUp or doing the required follow-up email or text can be a challenge. I use SMS Scheduler to send out reminder text messages on an automated schedule to keep staff on notice that they need to do the final step which is to let me know what they have done. I have found that text is the best way to get the attention of younger staff and email the best way to get the attention of older staff. The automation of the text messages allows me to set the reminders up once but to send out on a repeating schedule.

Working with remote staff does have its own special challenges. We do try to get together periodically face to face to celebrate and train on more intensive subjects, but I have found that these several tactics have really helped my business to be effective and grow.


Samsung Pay Reviewed

Using Samsung Pay is Easy
Using Samsung Pay is Easy

I love all things digital and always try out new phone features. I have a Samsung phone and am now have enabled Samsung Pay.

Of interest to me and the reason for this blog post was to let you know that when I linked my bank credit card to Samsung Pay, my bank loved it!

Surprisingly enough my bank actually sent me an email after the link to say thank you. They stated that using Samsung Pay protects my credit card number and associate information from theft and is a very smart way to protect myself from credit card fraud. Who Knew!

Samsung Pay will create a unique identifier for every transaction and merchants never get my number or CVV code. With super easy use by turning on NFC and then tapping my phone to a merchant device, my credit card is billed and my information is kept safe.

Try it next time you are at any store or pay for gas. You may just love the ease and convenience.


Thinking About Hiring a Blog Writing Service? Now Is the Time to Act

Nancy C. McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC
Nancy C. McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC

As a premium quality provider of blog writing services, I want to advise you of a pending blog program change. We will be updating pricing for frequency and word count in the next several weeks.

If you have been looking for a premium quality blog writing service provider, now is the time to act before our prices change.

For existing clients, you will be grandfathered in with our old program and will not see a price increase for the year of 2019.

For now, we offer 4 different levels of writing word count and options for your service to install your blog post in your WordPress control panel. We can even add images to your blog posts.

Our service is different in that we have “serious” quality control on writing and publishing date confirmation.  When you use McCord Web Services, you can rest easy knowing that we are doing the hard work to assure your content is relevant, well-written, and on-time.


Thinking of Google Ads? Act Now

McCord Web Services is a Google Partner and a Certified Google Ads Professional
McCord Web Services is a Google Partner and a Certified Google Ads Professional

My firm manages over $3 million dollars in Google Ads ad spend. Google Ads management is a core business for us.

If you have been considering hiring us to optimize, manage or set up your Google Ads account, now is the time to act. We will be making a price structure change in the next week and we will honor our current pricing while it is posted on our website.

We will be moving to a flat rate fee for low spend accounts and a percentage of ad spend for higher volume accounts. Our existing clients will be grandfathered in to our old management fee program.

This is a great opportunity to come back to check out our services if you have been a previous client or have been thinking about hiring an account manager but have just not moved forward.

We look forward to working with you and your needs in Google Ads.