Meet the Author, Nancy C. McCord

Nancy McCord, Author and Business OwnerNancy is the Owner and Web Visibility Expert for McCord Web Services LLC. She is a recognized expert in the areas of search engine marketing, Web visibility, and in using blogs for creating web authority and organic placement.

Nancy McCord is the author of many white papers and documents found on this site and on the Web. She has written prolifically over the last twelve years on topics that help business owners to use the Internet successfully to promote their own business. She continues to freely share information in her company newsletter and online in her blog, The Web Authority as well as write thoughtfully researched in-depth white papers.

You can review and download many of her white papers and essays from this website in our Download Archive.

Nancy has an easy, sincere, and friendly-style working with people. Clients find her patient, a good listener, and easy to work with. She is able to explain complex issues in understandable terms. Her experience with the Internet and business allows her to offer solutions that will really work for you! Find out more about the McCord Web Services team and our services.

You can connect with the author, at +Nancy McCord on Google+.