Nancy C. McCord Receives the Meritorious Public Service Award

On February 21, 2004 in front of 500 Navy community members, our Owner and Web Designer, Nancy C. McCord, was awarded the Meritorious Public Service Award designated by Vice Admiral P.M. Balisle, Commander of Naval Sea Systems Command and presented by Rear Admiral Paul V. Shebalin, Deputy Commander for Mobilization for NAVSEA and SPAWAR.

The Certificate of Award accompanied by a Medal was given to Mrs. McCord in appreciation for her "exemplary accomplishment, enthusiasm, support, and selfless devotion to the Navy". View the full Citation.

An excerpt from the Award Citation is shown below:

The Meritorious Public Service Award Medal received by Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services."Your superior standard of excellence and unparalleled skill in design, development, and deployment of a completely modernized web site serving over 1,100 naval reserve members is commendable. With over 400 pages, the new web site was a significant project that involved over 200 hours of your personal time and required dozens of phone calls and correspondence with the SEA OOZR staff. The high quality of this web site projects a highly professional image for NAVSEA and the NRED Program. In addition, it provides a convenient medium to disseminate information relieving the staff from providing this same information via phone calls, faxes, and through the mail. The total savings in terms of time and expense are beyond measure and the benefits are both immediate and long-term. Your patriotism and sincere personal involvement in the welfare of the NRED Community have earned you the deepest respect of NAVSEA."

"Your contributions to the command in shaping communications that are focused on the mission, goals and products of NAVSEA and the NRED Community are a credit to your professionalism and skill in software development and web page design. Thank you and congratulations on a job Well Done!"

P.M. Balisle
Vice Admiral, United States Navy
Commander of Naval Sea Systems Command
January 7, 2004

Please join with us in congratulating our Owner, Nancy McCord, for an exceptional job on this large and complicated project for the Naval Sea Systems Command Reserve Program and Naval Reserve Engineering Duty Officer Community.

This complicated project was coded over a period of three months and released to the Navy in September 2003. The site is maintained on a daily basis by NAVSEA staff.