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We have developed several insightful white papers and free downloads on a variety of topics. Please feel free to view these files and share them with your friends. (Please note that our content is copyrighted, it is okay to link to our pages but not okay to steal and embed our content in your own website or blog.)

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Read Online How Can You Get Your Website to Place on Google in the Post Panda and Penguin Era
There is no magic wand, no secret recipe, or for that matter special protocol you should follow or buy to have your website appear in the top unpaid search results on Google. In fact, do to much of optimization for placement and you'll run right into Google's "over optimization" filter and be dropped back as much as 50 to 100 pages in the search results. So what is a website owner to do? First off, the bottom-line is you can't scam or buy your way to top placement on Google.com. In this new world of post Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, it is readable natural content that Google wants; no keyword dense content, no heavy use of keyword phrases in the heading and subheading tags, and certainly no aggressive link building strategies. Read the full article.
Read Online A Real World Guide to Twitter and Facebook
To develop the insights for this guide, I watched 23 different Facebook and Twitter accounts for a period of three months and monitored over 2,865 status updates. I personally consider this a fairly small data set, but it is large enough to show some important trends that warrant consideration and further discussion. In this guide you will find my recommendations on how often to post to grow your Twitter and Facebook fan bases.
Read Online The Facebook Business Page How-To Guide
Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter and then get a free download of our 5 page Facebook Business Page How-To Guide. This in-depth paper tells you how to set up FBML Welcome pages, how to send out a note to all fans, and best practices on keeping your Facebook Business Page updated to grow readership. Review our privacy policy - we never spam you.
Read Online Facebook Business Pages Demystified for Business Users
This articles explains why you should and how you can get a Facebook Business page set up to reach your customers where they are spending their time. With more than 50% of the active users logging into Facebook every day, Facebook is now so important to your potential customers' lives that it make sense for you as a business owner to have a presence where your prospects are hanging out on a daily basis. View online | Download a PDF
Read Online Twitter Demystified for Business Users
So you understand that Twitter is "hot", but how do you start using this powerful and fun new tool for your business? In this mini-white paper Nancy McCord shows you how to make sense of Twitter, the free applications to use, and how you can use it for business and marketing.
Read Online Twitter 101
This articles tells you how to get started using Twitter, but first why you should even consider using this very hot Web application for pleasure and business. We make it easy for you to get going fast and to use some of the cool applications that work with Twitter to get more interactivity to share your content.
PDF Icon How to Use LinkedIn for Successful Social Networking
Follow along with me as I try out social networking, trust me, I was not an advocate before, but am now. You'll find my experience with the community at LinkedIn interesting reading. Learn how I built my network from 10 connections to now nearly 300 and how you too can use the power of social networking for business.
PDF Icon The Tangible Benefits of Blogging White Paper
After four months of research and analysis, we have the proof! Blogs build website traffic, site stickiness, improve Web visibility, and improve improve organic page ranking. You'll want to read our newest free nine page white paper to find out just what a blog can do for you. To access our download, you will be asked for your email address which we will never share with third parties.
Read Online Google Places Placement Tips
"Why is my competitor the top site in Google Maps? How can I get there too?" Google has been pretty closed mouthed about their Google Maps algorithm and there really does not seem to be a lot of information on the Web about how to garner top placement. I decided that I should dig into this topic to try to find out what can be done to try to improve Google Maps placement for you. First, it is important to understand that Google Maps will return the businesses that are in closest proximity to the center of the search query location.
PDF Icon Domain Name Spoofing, Our Candid Experience
Read our candid experience when our own domain name was spoofed and what we did to stop it.
PDF Icon Nancy McCord Receives the Meritorious Public Service Award
Read the details and the citation that the Navy awarded our owner, Nancy McCord in 2004.
PDF Icon Shortcuts
Pick up some new quick keyboard shortcuts. Print and trim our handy guide for quick reference, it's small enough to tuck under your keyboard.