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April 2007 Features » Creating a File Shortcut, New Quick Launch Site, Google Audio Ads

Dear Friend,

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services.I've found a handy little tip to create shortcuts for Microsoft Office Applications that you should find helpful that I use all the time that you may want to try too. I also wanted to point out a new advertising format on Google AdWords that I consider revolutionary - Google Audio ads.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

Creating a File Shortcut | New Quick Launch Site | New Google Audio Ads

Creating a File Shortcut in Office Applications

Screen shot showing new shortcuts in file menu bar.I think that you will love this neat little shortcut that I have been using, if you don't know about it already. Follow the instructions below to add a shortcut link on the system file menu screen for any Microsoft Office Applications. Now, I just wish Microsoft would allow me to create these handy shortcuts from any Windows and systems application.

I've inserted an image from one of my file menus just to the right so you can see exactly what I am talking about. As I do not save my files in the My Documents folder, it is helpful for me to have shortcuts to file locations that I use frequently on the file menu bar. Here's how to do it so you can save time too.

  1. Open the office application of your choice (Word, Excel etc.). Microsoft calls this file menu the "My Places" bar. Navigate to and select, but do not open the folder that you want to add to the menu.

  2. Click Tools and then Add to My Places. Your selected folder will now appear at the bottom of the My Places menu bar. If you don't see it, right click on the bar and select small icons as it may be hidden for the moment or resize the dialogue box so you can see your new folder.

  3. To move your new folder up to the top of the menu on the My Spaces bar, right click on the item you want to move and click move up or move down as needed.

I find the addition of my most frequently used files to be very helpful and only wish that I could do this in all my computer applications. I think that once you try it, you'll be doing custom file additions to your My Places bar too!


New Quick Launch Site

Quick Launch site done for Allan Kahane author of Fire With Fire.Our Quick Launch program is just right for some clients! We've just launched a new site in two days for a client. Here's the situation where Quick Launch was the perfect solution.

We have a publicist who contacted us on Thursday to have a website ready for a press release going out on Tuesday. The publicist wanted a mini-website to show a new book author's bio., book reviews, and media contact information. Typically, we simply can not create a truly custom site on such short notice.

Using our Quick Launch program, which utilizes streamlined page templates, some created by us and some by other resources, we are able to customize colors and design quickly and move almost directly into content input. This Quick Launch site for Allan Kahane, author of Fire with Fire, a new fact fiction book was completed in two days, well before the Tuesday press release deadline.

Quick Launch sites are not for every client, but sometimes they are the perfect solution as they were in this case!


Google Audio Ads

Google AdWords audio format ads are here. Available on a beta trial basis for advertisers that sign up with Google, you can now advertise on the radio with help from Google.

I have a client who is trying out Google audio ads and I was able to review the control panel and the process. I have to say that I was very impressed. Radio advertising is much more affordable than I had thought and Google has created a whole marketplace to help business owners try out this new Google AdWords ad format very easily.

Google AdWords audio format ads are not available on a test basis.I consider the program revolutionary, although certainly not a good choice for every client. For those clients who have had really great success with Google AdWords and other pay for performance programs and looking to expand their market in a cost efficient way, Google audio ads are the perfect solution.

What I found really excellent was the online marketplace that Google has set up to help with the creation of the commercials and the ability to control your price by changing settings..

First, let me talk about the marketplace. Within the audio ad control panel, Google has set up a mini-bid and approval process interface. You can shop for voices and audio ad production specialists, see prices, and request bids from up to five suppliers at a time. This assures that you get a professionally produced audio ad that will help to maximize your on air success. You accept a bid and then work out the payment details directly with the supplier. Google only acts as a facilitator in this arena.

Once you have your audio creative uploaded to the audio ad library within your Google AdWords account, you then make your audio air time purchase. The control panel allows you to vary the settings to change your price to find air time that will fit your budget.

After you have selected your demographics, budget, how much you want to pay for one thousand impressions, geographic regions, radio stations, and times of day, your ads are ready to go.

I found the interface and new format exciting and full of possibilities. If you are ready to try Google audio ads, here's the page you complete to sign up to be included in this special new program. At this time, I am not advertising on the radio for my own business, but I have a client who is right now in the process of doing so and will let you know how it goes in subsequent newsletters. For more information on Google audio ads, visit Google's information section all about this new AdWords ad format.


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