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December 2009 Features » AdWords Starter Edition, Meta Tags, Hiring a Blogger

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

We are entering the holiday season! With Thanksgiving just behind us and Christmas just in front, for some of our clients, this is their busiest time of the year. For others this is their slow time and a good time to review their website, online, and offline marketing.

Whichever category you fall into busy or slow, we are here to help you when you are ready with an arsenal of services that help to build your Web Visibility and Web Authority.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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AdWords Starter Edition | Meta Tags Explained |

Hiring a Blogger

The AdWords Starter Edition - When to Use It Versus the Standard Edition?

Confused about Google AdWords Starter Versus Standard Editions?Google AdWords is not for everyone and for every product, but can be an excellent way to promote your products and services on the Web for some. However, AdWords set up and management by a professional is an expense and for an untested product or a new service you are thinking of promoting, professional set up and management may be too costly for your initial testing.

Enter the Google AdWords Starter Edition! For unusual products never seen in the marketplace, e-books, or services that you are market testing, there is no better way to test online marketability than with the Google AdWords Starter Edition.

The Google AdWords Starter Edition is so simple and easy to set up that any business owner can do market testing themselves. Not sure if people will pay $5 for your e-book about your vacation to Paris with your wife - test it. Not sure if people will want to buy a magnetic hand massager - test it! Thinking of a new service but just aren't sure how customers will respond - test it with Google AdWords Starter Edition!

If you generate clicks AND sales during your test, the next step is to find a professional Google AdWords account manager to set up an AdWords program using the Google AdWords Standard Edition that will build on your Starter Edition test and really work to market your product. The information that you have garnered in your two weeks to 30 day test on the Starter Edition will be considered valuable by your account manager and will help them to focus on what has been successful initially and to grow your leads and conversions.


Brite Idea Tip: What Are Meta Tags and Why Are They So Important?

First let's review what exactly are meta tags. Meta tags are sentences arranged in a specific format that contain information that is crucial to search engines. This information provides specific criteria that search engine use to categorize your web pages.

Of all the Meta tags that can appear in the source code of a page the most important are the following:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description

We call these tags "hot property real estate" for your website. So what about the Meta Keyword tag? Is that one important? It used to be, but is no longer used by any of the search engines.

The importance and use of Meta tags comes and goes. Several years ago, Google did not even use the Meta Description tag. Google instead either created it's own from sentences grabbed from your page content or used the description found in the Open Directory Project. Now Google is reusing the Meta Description tag that you embed in your website source code.

Yahoo for many sites is not returning the Meta Title tag in their search results, they are instead supplying the first h1 tag or header tag from the content of your web page.

Brite Idea Tip on Meta TagsPersonally, I feel that the Title Tag and Meta Description Tag are some of the most important tags on your page. The first, your Title Tag, is typically crafted as a keyword dense string of keywords or a keyword dense phrase of about 80 characters in length. I never include the business name in this very small space as search engines will pick that up from the page's content.

The Meta Description tag I usually craft as a keyword dense series of two or three sentences that are done with proper punctuation and grammar. I stick closely to the theme of the content on the page. Additionally I craft a different Meta Title and Meta Description for each page in the website when humanly possible.

I have seen sites move up in the search results based on changes in these two crucial areas alone. They are this important to organic placement on search engines.

You can review your own Meta tags very easily. First the Meta Title tag is visible at the very top of your browser screen just before the frame of your monitor starts and typically is just to the right of the IE icon above your browser buttons.

The Meta Description tag is visible by right clicking on your web page and by selecting view source. Your browser will most likely open the page's source code in Notepad. Scroll or use Find to locate this line <meta name="description" content=" This is the lead in code syntax where your webmaster or web developer has placed your actual Meta Description. Some sites will not have this important Meta tag and we recommend correcting this for best search engine placement.

There is a whole lot more to getting organic search placement than just having the "right" Meta Title tag and Meta Description tag, but these are excellent places to review to improve your organic search placement performance.


When Should You Not Hire a Blogger?

Hiring a blogger is not for everyone.Although we provide professional blog writing services, there are some times when you really should not hire a blogger and should blog yourself. Here are several examples where you are a more effective blogger than a paid professional blogger.

  • If your industry is niche specific and highly technical. An example would be an accountant who serves government agencies and wants blogs on new government accounting procedures and on-going changes in federal acquisition.
  • If the topics that you blogs done for are more like case studies of actual customers you have worked with on projects. An example would be an internet security consultant who wants blog posts on procedures and strategies that they have used for a specific client to solve a problem.

Sometimes a professional blogger cannot replace you and the information you have learned and mastered over years of working in your industry. No blogger can get inside your head and write from an expected level of authority on niche specific, business specific, or customer specific needs.

For cases such as these and others where really you need more "meat" for potential readers, we recommend that our blogger write on general news topics two days a week and that you, the "industry expert", write one day a week. This allows for a volume of keywords on-topic posts to be created for you by a paid blogger, but provides some in-depth insight that your readers and subscribers will value written by you.

There are still some areas in which we personally as professional bloggers cannot provide services for, or will pass on writing for, but with your participation on your own blog, you can provide real value to readers on difficult to write for topics.


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