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July 2009 Features » New Website Launched, Facebook Advertising, Microsoft's New Bing

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

This last month, my husband and I took all four of our kids (triplet 12 year olds and a 20 year old) to pay homage to "The Mouse" at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I've come back refreshed and ready to share some great new reviews and information with you.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

Graphic Electric Moves Online | Facebook Advertising Reviewed |MSN's New Bing Search Engine

Graphic Electric Inc. Moves to the Web

Graphic ElectricWe've just finished a new website for the friendly folks at Graphic Electric in Beltsville, Maryland.

The website uses Dreamweaver's AJAX search engine friendly "fly out" navigation and include several Flash slide shows of project photos. You'll find the show on the industrial laundry services page interesting. The before and after pictures give you a wonderful idea of the scope of several of their projects. Slide shows of this nature are wonderful ways to visually communicate the type of work that a company does and these shows help prospects to realize that no job is too large or too small for this regional electrical contractor.

With 99% of all images on the website coming from their project portfolio and not stock photos, readers will really get a feeling for the type of services this business provides. The site consists of 14 pages but looks and feels like more by utilizing anchors within the text which are then incorporated into the navigation and site map.

We have created all the content for the website with the help and oversight of the business owner Randy Turco. The content is informative and based on the services that they provide. We invite you to click in to check out this newly completed website even if you are not looking for an electrician. You can visit the site online at


Facebook Advertising Reviewed: Is It Worth the Money?

FacebookFacebook is all the rage on the Web. It has massive exposure, excellent reach and has been widely embraced by nearly every age group.

Sounds like the perfect place then to advertise your products or services, right? Well, this last month I started advertising on Facebook as a test in preparation for this article and I am here to say that for branding and name recognition Facebook may be great, but for clients who want sales and conversions, Facebook will not generate the results that Google AdWords will for the same amount of money.

Here's what I experienced in about a two week period:

Platform Impressions Clicks Spend Conversions
Facebook 11,346 127 $46.98 0
AdWords 6,839 95 $53.64 1

I received strong impressions and lots of clicks but no conversions and no phone calls from my Facebook advertising program. In the same time period I had one conversion which was a "live" customer that I then spoke to by telephone.

Don't just trust just my results on Facebook advertising performance, Proctor & Gamble pulled their Facebook advertising program on Crest Whitestrips for some of the same reasons. Seems to me that social networking may have the reach and audience, but Facebook has just not figured out the winning formula that brings sales to advertisers yet.


Microsoft Releases a New Search Engine Called Bing

Bing interfaceDuring the first week of June Microsoft released their newest search engine name Bing. In fact if you use FireFox, you've been exposed to Bing fairly early as this is the default search engine and opening page for Firefox.

I took Bing for a test drive recently and I have to say that I think that Microsoft has a winner. There are some new developments in their new engine that Google is sure to imitate in the weeks and months to come, but here are a few of the top features that I noticed and liked that are really unique to Bing.

1. Bing has a very polished look and feel. It has a nice graphic at the top left and very soothing gray color tones for the header. It has an excellent look, much cleaner and simpler than even Google - very classy in appeal.

2. Mouse over any website in the search results and look to the right where there is a line and orange ball.  Mouse over the ball to see a synopsis of the website, links to content from the website's navigation (like Google SiteLinks, but is included for every website in the results not just top sites as on Additionally, you will see a phone number and address for the site in the box that pops up. Microsoft must be pulling this information from their local search engine or from the website's content. Personally this is one of the nicest and newest features that I have seen.

3. The placement algorithm appears to have been fine tuned. This is good news for search users.

4. Bing uses a colored box at the top to show three sponsored advertising ads above the organic content. This is the standard that Google has created that we have all become used to and Microsoft has embraced it with Bing. Bing uses this same block of color to highlight the ads, but in a more sophisticated sandy, vanilla colored color scheme.

5. Bing will pay you Bling. If you use Bing you can get cash back when you use PayPal for your purchases. You'll need a Live account with a,, or ending to open up your account first. To see this log in and then at the top right click the drop down "Extras" and then "Your Cash Back Account". If you use the Bing cash back center to do a shopping search, and then buy using PayPal, Bing will pay you cash back about 60 days after the purchase. Or you can just simply use and buy from a site that shoes the gold dollar sign in a circle which is the Bing cash back icon. A search screen on Bing.It is simple! Cash back amounts are determined by the store and vary by store and product, but who doesn't love to get cash back? It is an excellent concept that seems just right for today's economic environment.

My overall feeling about Microsoft's new search engine is very positive. They have innovated the typical search engine, tied in the community, and with the Bing Bling (my name for their cash back program) they have found a very cool way to encourage users to utilize for their online shopping searches and purchases.

In fact, I believe that Google will make an effort to imitate the mouse over address link feature as this is a very hot item. Now if Microsoft could only get some more market share for their engine that would have a very viable Google alternative that truly has a different look and feel. I understand that Microsoft and Yahoo are talking again about Microsoft buying up Yahoo. This may be just the real boost to become a contender to that Microsoft really needs. They've built a very cool search platform, now let's see if people will come to use it.

To find about more about the Bing Bling or cash back program you can visit the FAQ page online.


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