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April 2010 Features » Twitter Lists, New Site Launched, Facebook Fan Page Services

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

This past month I finished a large project and wanted to share it with you. The before and after pictures shown below in the second article give you just a little idea of the broad changes we've made for this client.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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Using Twitter Lists | New Website Launched |Facebook Fan Page Services

Twitter Lists Making Sense of Twitter

Twitter lists are a fairly recent option on Twitter, but I have just not had the time to explore their use until recently. Now that I have checked them out I want to share with you how easy Twitter Lists are to use and why you should start using them.

First, lists are simple to set up and use. Here's how:

Twitter 1. Go to your follower page on Twitter. To the right you will see a few icons, one looks like a list. Right click on the icon and a menu drops down. From here you can create a list or simply tick next to an existing list to add that particular follower to a specific list. You will have the option to make the list private or public. Private is for your use only. Public allows Twitter followers to actually subscribe to your special list via an RSS news feed and follow who you are following on your "short list".

2. Second, set up lists in which you will group your followers. Some of my lists are clients, team members, SEO stars (people in my industry who are interesting to follow), and Interesting people. Those are just my lists, the ways you sort your own Twitter followers is totally up to you.

3. Third, work your follower list and sort your followers by list. I have over 900 followers and it took me about 15 minutes to sort them all. Not everyone is on a list. People who I really liked to read I have now been able to reconnect with as their tweets had been hidden in the "pile" before I started using Twitter Lists.

4. Now this is the best part as far as I am concerned, add your lists to HootSuite with one click. Just select to add a new column in HootSuite and select the list you want to have appear in the column.

What Twitter Lists do for me is to allow me to really watch people who I want to watch by pulling their Tweets into a separate section both on Twitter and on other applications like HootSuite.

Some of you who are reading this post may say "that's why I use TweetDeck!", but if you are like me and manage many Twitter accounts for clients TweetDeck simply doesn't cut it. You can only see one profile at a time - try to manage five or six full Twitter accounts with all the columns needed and you will see TweetDeck is just too restrictive. This is why for me HootSuite is best. I can set up a separate HootSuite account for each client and view all information when I want to and now can follow lists of top followers for each client.

If you are just managing your own Twitter account, TweetDeck is fine and in fact Twitter Lists are really a "knock off" of the features that have made TweetDeck so popular and the reason why many people have flocked to TweetDeck. With Twitter embracing lists, other applications like HootSuite are now able to show this functionality that helps to make sense of all the tweets you get when you are active on Twitter.


Allison Pest Control Website Launched

We've just launched this website in March, 2010. With over one hundred hours in the design and content creation, this beautiful custom website now showcases the client's business with a level of professionalism that is sure to win respect and customers. To help you understand the changes that we have made for the client we have inserted a before and after image of the actual website.

The original Allison Pest Control website. Allison Pest Control After
Before Revision After Revision

The content in the entire website was written by Nancy McCord and her web team. The site consists of 33 keyword and information-rich pages on pests, services, and company information. With comprehensive research done on the pests featured as well as several client interviews, the website is built for authoritative organic placement as well as created as an information clearinghouse on pests commonly found in New Jersey.

The multiple styles of navigation as well as the integrated site search engine make it extraordinarily easy for a reader to find the information they want fast. With links to a free pest inspection and service offerings the site markets the clients services in a winning manner.

The client tells us that feedback on his new site already has been great. You can visit this website to check out the content and easy to use navigation


New Services for Facebook Fan Pages

It's a secret to share with others on how to keep your Fan Page updated.We'll let you in on a secret some people are using to keep their Facebook Fan Pages up to date...

For clients who want to start connecting online and soft-sell their products using Facebook, our Facebook Fan Page service is the way to get started fast.

By interacting with others using Facebook Fan Pages you provide easy ways for others to connect with you online outside of your website as well as increased ways to showcase your services and seasonal promotions.

Not only will a Facebook Fan Page help to position your company or personal name as a leader in your industry, but when used effectively Facebook Fan Pages can bring your business, create new selling opportunities, attract potential employees, and start conversations with prospects.

We have just added a comprehensive service program to our website for Facebook Fan pages. We invite you to review the details and pricing. Check out our own Fan Page as an example to see if you should have a Fan Page too.


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