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July 2010 Features » AdWords Content Tip, Fan Page Interaction, Google Merchant Center

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

This past month I have been on vacation in Arizona seeing the sites with my family at the Grand Canyon.

I think you'll find our topics interesting and helpful to your marketing efforts as you gear your business up for lead generation. The summer doesn't have to be slow, it can be as "hot" as the temperatures!

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AdWords Content Network Tip | Necessary Facebook Interaction | Google Merchant Center

AdWords Content Network Excluding Below the Fold Placements

Team looking at Google AdWords.The team at Google AdWords has been incredibly busy this last month rolling out some super new features. Here's one that is really great if you are advertising in the content network:

Exclude content placements that fall below the fold

The fold is the part of a web page that a reader has to scroll to see. In many cases to be below the fold means that you do not get the clicks, exposure, or the return on investment that you need. Typically in the content network readers will rapidly scan content and may not even read past the first one or two paragraphs, so having a top position can mean the difference between mediocre and great results.

Here's a quote directly from AdWords on this topic and how to enable it for your content program:

How to exclude below-the-fold placements

"Follow these steps to exclude below-the-fold placements for your AdWords campaign:

  1. Click the Campaigns tab.
  2. Select a campaign.
  3. Click the Networks tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click the Exclusions link. You'll see an "Ad group level" table and a “Campaign level” table.
  5. Within the Campaign level, click the Add exclusions drop-down menu, and select Exclude category.
  6. Select the “Below the fold” checkbox, and click Save.

"When you target placements above the fold only, the available inventory decreases. As a result, the winning bids for those placements are expected to be higher than for placements below the fold. So if you want to maintain your same campaign budget, we recommend increasing your bids. This will help you compete against campaigns that target placements below the fold, and other advertisers bidding exclusively on placements above the fold."

You can read the full article and how-tos here in the AdWords help center.

The key here is that for above the fold placements, you will need to bid more, but your results may definitely improve. However anytime you advertise in content it is important to make sure to evaluate your return on investment after at least a 30 day period. Content clicks can suck your budget dry, so you only want to be in content if it generates sales for you or if you are working to establish your brand.


What Do You Really Need When It Comes to Facebook Interaction?

What do you really need for Facebook?Okay, so you have a Facebook Fan page, now what kind of interaction do you really need in order to grow your visibility? From personal experience, I have found that fans will typically not jump into discussion or forum-like interactions. They will however share your video links from YouTube and even comment on interesting status updates.

It is important when you set up your own Facebook Fan Page to try different things to see what your own fans like and don't like. I have found for myself that Fans won't take the time to join in heavy discussions on industry specific topics. My fans like YouTube videos and small informational snippets.

When you set up your own Facebook Fan Page, I recommend that you try out different approaches for about 30 days to see what your fans like. I even recommend asking them. Running contests and doing polls are just a few ways you can elicit a response from your own fans.

Facebook makes it easy for you to know what your fans like by sending you a weekly activity update so you can identify how many times fans have interacted with your page and how many new fans you have gotten.

I feel that it is important for a business to have a Facebook Fan page with the strong acceptance and use of Facebook. Facebook is a mainstream application and another great and fun way to share information with customers, prospects, and business colleagues.


How Do You Get Images Next to Your AdWords Ads?

Clients have asked me several times how competitors are getting images in their Google AdWords ads, here's how.

Image of AdWords ads showing images.

First, to have images show you must set up an account and created a structured data feed in the Google Merchant Center. The data feed will contain product information, a description, pricing, links to images, and the location of images and products on your website. Once loaded you can link your Google Merchant account with your Google AdWords account using Product Extensions.

If you want to try Product Extensions check out this article on how to do that that even contains a link to set up your own Google Merchant account.

Product Extensions are just one of the extensions that Google now makes it easy to use in Google AdWords. Recently added were location extensions and phone extensions for click to call. What is new is that now you can even set up a tab in your AdWords control panel to get quick information about activity on your special extensions.

If you want to enable the new tab to view interaction with these new extensions in your Google AdWords account check out this blog post from AdWords.

I think using extensions is an excellent way to expand the reach and relevancy of your Google AdWords program. Make sure you have enabled these things in your own account for better performance.


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