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April 2011 Features » Facebook Reviews on Google, FB Update, Clean Twitter Followers

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

March was a really busy month. As we start April, we are in the process of launching a new client website, ramping up our blogging and Facebook business, as well as re-certifying as a Microsoft adCenter adExcellence member.

That being said, I've still had some time to check out a few really cool things happening with Facebook in regards to Google picking up Facebook reviews. This is really big news, so check out how you can get a piece of the action on Google too.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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Facebook Reviews on Google | Facebook Update |Clean Twitter Followers

Facebook Reviews Are Now Being Picked Up by Google Places

Google serving up Facebook reviews.This past month I saw something really wild and wanted to share it with you. I saw that in a Google Places site, reviews had been picked up from Facebook of all places. Wow, that is big news!

We are going to put the pieces of this puzzle together for you and need your help to do it!

Now, what I am not sure of is if you create a FBML page on Facebook and add your website reviews there will the reviews be picked up or is Google only picking up reviews from people using the Facebook Business Page reviews app. If I had to guess I would say from the application.

As I do additional testing this month on how reviews from Facebook are picked up; meaning if I can ascertain whether you can simply add your own website reviews or if other Facebook users have to review you while they are logged in to their own accounts, I will make sure to let you know at Facebook. In the mean time, this is exactly what we are going to do to test and I sure would appreciate it if you can help us out on this one.

  1. I am going to create a tab in one of my Facebook Business Page accounts and load a sampling of my website reviews to the new FBML page I will create. I will even try to have the reviews coded using Google’s hReview tags. You can visit my page here. While you are there make sure to like this business page that I am testing on as I will only send out a note of success or failure through Facebook to fans. This is not my main Facebook page but one I have created to make sure I hold onto my business name.

  2. I am going to turn on the application for Facebook reviews in my main Facebook Business page account and solicit reviews from clients on that page. If you are not already a fan, make sure to like this page as I will also only be sending out the results to fans of this page. You need only fan one page to get the actual results.

So check out the two pages, look in the left nav bar for the reviews link, like the page, and if you want leave a friendly review. Then when I can see what is going on I will send the results out via Facebook to all of our fans at both pages.

Thanks for your help in advance, this could be a great free white paper with your help!


Facebook Review Update After Only One Week

Brite Idea TipI wanted to give you an update from my test so far in just the first week on what is happening with Google indexing reviews on Facebook. I found one of my test pages in the search results but not the other.

In just a few days I have found that Google has picked up the page with my hreview HTML tags hand coded and inserted into an FBML page, but not the page that has Facebook reader reviews. Although this may not be a definitive answer yet, as it is still pretty early in the test, the results are interesting.

I'll keep you posted on my results as I do further testing. In the meantime, make sure to fan us to get the results at our two Facebook Business Pages: McCordWeb and McCord Web Services.


How To Clean Up Your Twitter Followers Fast

TwitterYou shouldn't take action to clean up your Twitter following base until you have about 500 or so followers. Twitter operates in a reciprocal sphere. Initially to get people to follow you, you need to follow them. It just works that way in the real world.

However, as your account grows, and you get more serious about using Twitter and not just dabbling with it, you want to cut out people from your list that are sapping your SocialRank. That means chopping out followers who are not following you back. Don't cut out people who have merit or who are high profile, but cut the people out who initially followed you to build their fan base and then chopped you. Additionally, you want to cut out people who are just spamming your fan base with their repetitive tweets or get rich quick schemes.

To make this easy, I have found a free tool that allows me to cull through my fan base and with one click drop non- followers. I use to clean up my list. (They are not paying me – I just like the online application.)

First, login to your Twitter account, then visit and allow it to connect with your Twitter account. You will be able to unfollow people right from that screen. As your account and following base grows it is important to keep a differential between the number of people you follow and the people who follow you. Just Unfollow makes it easy to do.


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