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October 2011 Features » Blogging's SEO Value, Twitter/Facebook, Blog Security Monitoring

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

With the year winding down, now's the time to make sure that your website is really working as a lead and sales generating machine to boost fourth quarter sales.

Updating your website to work harder for you does not always mean a website redesign! You have options. Sometimes changing the home page, updating your website Meta tags, adding a new blog, or getting started on Google AdWords are all you need to get the fourth quarter boost that you want to end the fiscal year with a profit.

We invite you to visit our website and review our arsenal of services and then phone us to chat. We'll be here when you need us!

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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Blogging's Value for SEOS | Facebook & Twitter Services | Blog Security Monitoring

Why Blogging Is Still The Best SEO Value For The Money

I am frequently asked to help a client decide where their advertising budget is best spent in regards to building long term value and improving their website's organic placement. Is it Faceboook, Twitter, or a blog? My answer for most businesses is that blogging is by far the most valuable thing you can do to improve your website's organic (or unpaid) placement on search engines. Not only that, but blogging also improves stickiness, how long a visitor stays on your website; giving you more time to sell your products and services.

Here's exactly what blogging does for a website (when the blog in housed on the same domain server as the parent website):

  1. Builds inbound links to your website.

  2. Keeps the site "fresh" in terms of search robot spiders. The spiders see something new every time they visit and so they return more frequently.

  3. Allows for interaction with prospects and clients. It is not uncommon for us to see comments asking sales related questions on the blogs we manage. If we are not managing your blog, make sure you are reviewing your blog comments weekly to not miss selling opportunities.

  4. Increases the time a visitor spends on your website and lowers the bounce rate.

  5. Provides value to the website visitor and adds web authority (over time) with search engines through keyword density and keyword repetition.

  6. Acts as an entry point for specific keyword phrases or topics when the blog post title matches a search query.

  7. Additionally, blog posts can be reused for e-newsletter content or article syndication allowing the cost for writing to be spread across several optimization activities that will garner more exposure and grow inbound link numbers.

  8. Develops your business as an authority on a topic that is closely matched to your services. By building the number of content pages on your website you build authority in the eyes of search engines. A search spider considers each blog post as if it were a new content page.

  9. Quality blog posts can garner TV or print media contacts for additional interviews or media exposure opportunities in trade publications or online sites.

  10. Blog posts can be used to build keyword density in an organic optimization technique that focuses on specific phrases that can then be monitored for search engine result position movement.

To find out more about blogging and about our blog writing services I invite you to visit our website. Blogging is a core business for us. We employ seven writers; providing blog posts from $20 to $50 for a wide variety of business blogs.


We've Combined Twitter & Facebook Services Together

Facebook and Twitter are so popular that we've bundled these two programs together to save you money.

Facebook & Twitter Combined Program - $530 per 4 Week Month New!

  • New services in our toolbox.For Twitter: Four tweets a day Monday through Friday. Tweets will consist of comments, links to articles, tweets pointing to items on your website you sell as products or services, and interesting informational content that builds value for readers.

  • For Facebook: We provide Facebook profile or Facebook Fan Page updates, interaction, posting of links and videos as well as interaction with your Fans on a regular basis. We perform the following actions on your Facebook Business page.
    • Seek to interact with fans every Tuesday and Thursday spending about .2 hours of time each day to comment on your fan's comments and look for other areas to enrich the interactivity on your Fan Page.

    • Update your Facebook Fan Page status twice a day five days a week.

    • Add a special link or video from YouTube or your website once a week.

Find out more about our full range of Facebook and Twitter services.


Blogmaster and Blog Security Monitoring Services

Security services for your blog.It's hard to keep hackers and spammers out of your WordPress blog once your website becomes popular. It is an unfortunate truth that the more highly placed your blog and website become on search engines, that the more likely you will become a target for hackers who will want to bleed off your search engine placement juice.

To aid in uncovering problems quickly we have developed a program where we monitor the core files of your WordPress blog for changes and code injections. Not only do we scan your files, template, and database, but we can even moderate your comments, update plug-ins, and upgrade your WordPress application.

We provide flexible solutions; choose from weekly, biweekly, or monthly reviews. You'll just pay a small initial fee for us to install our monitoring plug-ins that we have tested and like, and then a flat rate for service on your selected schedule.

If you are not monitoring your blog, updating your WordPress application regularly, or updating your plug-in applications yourself, we strongly recommend that you start doing so.

If you are too busy, consider hiring us to perform these important actions while keeping a watchful eye on your blog; working to keep hackers, spammers, and malware injections from taking over your blog. If you have been hacked, we do perform cleanup and blog reinstallation services.

We know from experience how hard it is to detect some of these hacker attacks and intrusions, how to remove them once they have gotten in, and just how to lock them out. Use our experience to keep your blog safe! Find out more information on our website.

Our Blogmaster/Blog Security Pricing

Initial installation of security plug-ins - $50.00
Blogmaster review once a week - $15.00
Blogmaster review twice a month - $30.00
Blogmaster review once a month - $20.00

(Please note high traffic blogs may incur greater time charges for comment moderation if needed.)



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