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July 2012 Features » LinkedIn Profiles, Negative Reviews, AdWords Auction Insights

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

The weather is hot and so is business! This summer our focus at McCord Web Services is on video creation.

For now, we are focusing our video efforts on AdWords related topics. We'll let you know when to check our YouTube Channel as we start to post them later this month.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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LinkedIn Profiles | Dealing with Negative Reviews Creatively |AdWords Auction Insights

LinkedIn Heat Map What Are People Looking At in Your Profile

Bright Idea TipThis interesting article was shared with me by Ken Lankin at Awesome Almonds. It is interesting reading about what readers look at in your LinkedIn profile. Thanks Ken!
Here's what the article says in a nutshell:

  • The Top priority position and the most "looking" is done on your profile photo. Try to take the very best picture possible and even consider having a professional photo taken if you think that LinkedIn is the right place for your marketing endeavors. A great looking photo may get more people to check out your full profile. One of my clients, Shawn Friesen has one of the best profile photos I've seen. The photo is engaging and unusual. It is done in sepia tones with the image turned at an angle.

  • The place that gets the second most number of views is your most recent Twitter update. Wow! Who knew? Make sure you are tweeting regularly and are using the app to connect your Twitter account to LinkedIn.

  • Comments on your status update. Another wow, who knew how important this was as well on LinkedIn. Engagement is key! Taking time to interact with your updates and those of others is a great way to really get noticed on LinkedIn.

Even in today's faced paced digital world that ability to connect with others in essence hinges on what you post on social media sites and the attention to detail you put in on creating personal profiles. To see the image of the heat map, I recommend you visit The Business Insider as it will visually bring this all into focus.


Dealing with Negative Reviews in a Good Way

Anyone who has been in business for a while has certainly had a bad review at some point or another. The review may have been warranted or may have been unfair. What really doesn't matter is if the review is true, but how you handle it.

Here are two excellent articles to check out for two different ways to handle negative reviews:

The Startling Secret to Getting Positive Reviews for Your Business

Three Tips to Handle Online Negative Publicity

Both articles are easy and fast reading. Here are my tips to add to the topic:

  1. Don’t respond immediately to a review when you are upset or angry. This will do more harm than good.

  2. Think about if the review has some truth. Do you need to change what you are doing to be better?

  3. Decide if you have to respond at all. This is a hard one, sometimes to rise graciously above a bad review is the best path and in other cases to address it head-on is better. Chat with some other business owners you trust to help you decide based on your situation and the review.

Actively start working on a regular basis to get good reviews and post them on your website. You want to make sure that there is a balance of reviews about your business online. Posting good reviews on your website is a great way to start.

I never recommend creating fake reviews. This can get you in more trouble than you need. If you are having trouble getting reviews, try a third party service who will contact your customers for you and even help them write the review about your firm.

If you do get a negative review, address, deal with it, and put it behind you. It is important to realize that you will not be able to please or service every person to their own satisfaction over the years you are in business. Do the best you can, and keep a mind-set of excellence in all you do.


Google AdWords and the New Auction Insights

Just this last month Google AdWords added an "auction insights" icon to AdWords control panels. On certain keywords (on the keyword tab or keyword rollup found on your campaign tab) you may see a small block graph icon. Tick the box next to the keyword and then click the button called "keyword details" and then select "auction insights".

AdWords will return a list of your actual competitors and your position in the AdWords auction. The table will show the following data:

  • Impression Share
  • Average Position
  • Overlap Rate
  • Position Above Rate
  • Top of Page Rate

This information is very important and allows you to be much more strategic about your bidding and to understand more fully what is happening in your account. This additional transparency is welcome indeed and I would like to thank Google for providing it.

Here are a few things you can do with the data:

  • If your impression share is high and you are in the top position, you can lower your click cost to have a greater ROI (return on investment).

  • You can actually see the names of the businesses and sites you are competing against. You can harvest these names and do an additional ad group to try to take additional market share away from them. This is a short term approach, but as Google will most likely drive the quality score of these keywords down quickly, but you can bleed off a bit of traffic and boost CTR. It just depends on how competitive you want to be.

  • If your impression share is low and you are not in the top position as frequently as you would like, this may be a good time to optimize and possibly increase your bid.

  • If your impressions share is high, your ROI great, you may want to consider breaking out that keyword and variations of it into its own ad group to get an even higher quality score and even better return.

I have to say that I personally feel that the auction insights tool is a wonderful refinement to AdWords. Knowing who you are competing against and how you really stack up against them by keywords is excellent and a feature I will be using to strategically position my clients in their marketplaces.

For more on how my firm can help you with Google AdWords, please visit our Google AdWords services page for account management options.


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