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September 2012 Features » adCenter Radius Targeting, Red House Travel, Blogging

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

We are planning for the future and have just rolled out a new web property. Check out our newest enterprise, a trip guide sales and travel review website.

Red House Travel is a long term project and a real work in progress, but you may just enjoy seeing what we're doing right now in regards to online positioning and marketing.

Also, If we are blogging for you make sure to check out our blog services page on our website to see if you would like to change to one of our new blog service levels as we have new pricing and word count levels.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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adCenter Radius Targeting | Red House Travel |Blog Word Count Changes

Radius Targeting in adCenter -- Tips from an adCenter Pro

AdCenter Accredited ProfessionalI love radius targeting! In many cases it is more productive in generating leads and sales for an account than targeting a metro area. Here's why I use radius targeting for many of my adCenter clients:

  1. The granular setting of being able to target 10, 20, 30 or more miles around a business location afford selling opportunities in a business’ own backyard.

  2. With radius targeting you can use more general keywords than you would in country, state or even metro area targeting.

  3. It is easy to sell to clients. They understand that when they are selling locally that their best market will be to potential customers within driving distance.

  4. In many cases radius targeting provides better results than metro targeting. Especially in large metropolitan areas such as New York City, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.

How do you set up radius targeting for your next adCenter campaign? It's easy. Here's how to get started:

  1. Choose one of your existing campaigns or select to set up a new one.

  2. Within the settings tab open up the "locations" selector by clicking the down arrow next to the phrase "Where do you want to show your ads?"

  3. Tick the circle next to "Near a business or other location."

  4. Add in your zip code of the business you are promoting and then select from the drop down the number of miles to be included in your radius. You can select 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 miles. I don't like to go under 10 miles to make sure the program gets some impressions.

  5. You can even select overlapping targets or cluster radiuses in your settings by clicking "include" to add an additional location.

Top Tips and Troubleshooting

It is important that when you are using a radius targeted program that you watch early on for problems. In some cases Internet Service Providers will mask a location which can mean trouble for a radius targeted program.

Here's one great case in point. I'm located in Waldorf, Maryland which is 15 miles south of Washington DC. Verizon (my Internet Service Provider) returns my location as if I were in Reston, Virginia; which is located over 50 miles away north and west of my true location. In fact, in a location I would never drive to for a local service.

If your impression count or conversion numbers are low do some additional testing to make sure that you are not running into a similar problem with a key Internet Service Provider. Try testing a state, regional, or nationally targeted campaign BUT with location specific phrase matched keywords as a reality check. This will help you to diagnose a potential location masking problem in a certain geographic area.

If you are not getting enough impressions, judiciously increase your radius. You may have set your radius too small to effectively serve your client’s program.

If your click through rate and conversions are low, start reviewing your keyword list and start to pause broad match keywords and test with phrase match keywords with location specific additions to the phrase.

Try It You May Just Like It

Radius targeting may not be the "right" fit for every account, but if you have been using metro area targeting, I highly recommend that you give radius targeting a try. I've found that it can be more productive for accounts in regards to generating lead conversions and sales.

About the Author

Nancy McCord is the founder and President of McCord Web Services LLC which provides adCenter account set up and management. Since 2001, Nancy McCord has developed a reputation as an expert on how businesses can promote their services on the Web using pay per click services. You can visit Nancy and her firm at Connect with her @mccordweb on Twitter, in the adCenter LinkedIn Group, and on Facebook.

This article was featured on the adCenter blog on Wednesday August 22, 2012.


Red House Travel - Trip Guides and Candid Reviews

Red House TravelThe Red House Travel team loves to take trips, but best of all, they like to share their knowledge. This new McCord Web property which is a part of the new McCord Web Travel network is the brain child of Nancy McCord.

Using the planning strength and writing skills of our team members, Red House Travel is a site where we will be selling vacation trip guides in the future. Want to see California in 8 days? We have a trip guide tested by our Red House Team that covers all the highlights from San Francisco to San Diego. Included in the trip guides will be daily itineraries, hotel suggestions, and travel times between locations.

At this time we are considering selling our guides for under $10. So if you don't know where to vacation or you do but don't know what to see, we may just have a trip guide that helps you to have the vacation of your dreams.

When you visit, know that we are still building out content, going to add trip guides which are in process, and will be adding photos to the site, it is not nearly done, but we were excited about the project and wanted to share it with you and see if you had any suggestions for improvement. Visit Red House Travel now!


New Blogging Word Counts and Pricing

Make sure if we are already blogging for you that you take a quick look at our new blog service levels and review if you would like to change your price or word count level from where we are writing right now. If you are unsure of your current level, you can check your service invoice for the name or email me and ask. I would be happy to review your level with you and see if there is a way you can save money on our services.

If we're not writing for you yet, make sure to visit our blog writing section for samples, all our pricing, and more details.

New Pricing and Word Count

  • Peach $20 per post 150 to 190 words
  • Mango $25 per post 200 to 250 words
  • Plum $30 per post 250 to 270 words
  • Orange $32 per post 270 to 320 words
  • Kiwi $35 per post 330 to 350 words

Please note the pricing listed above is for a minimum frequency of three days a week. Please check our published prices online for the full details.


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