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August 2013 Features » The New SEO is De-Optimization | Site Placement 101

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web Services LLC.Dear Friend,

My team is back from vacation and ready to hit the ground running; gearing up for summer and fall business. In this issue I address the question of dropping website placement on

There are lots of new elements that impact your organic placement and some that we are seeing much more of such as co-citation, mobile responsiveness, and geo-bias.

Now's the time to check out your own website with the eyes of a consumer to see if you need a content refresh, new tactic, or strategic long term plan.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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De-Optimization is the New SEO | Site Placement -- SEO 101

De-Optimization is the New SEO

To place organically on Google, you've now got to undo some of the things you may have done to get placement before. In other words, the new SEO is de-optimized SEO!

It's time to undo these things if you have done them on your website:

  • Brite Ideastrategic use of anchor text in internal links titles in links

  • phrases using keywords in image alt descriptions

  • keywords used in H1 and H2 tags bolded keywords in the content

It's time to undo these things if you've done them on off-site properties:

  • sending out articles to newsletter/article sites using anchor text in links that point back to your website

  • paying for a link on other websites listing your business or website on link farm pages

  • writing press releases just for the sake of creating inbound links

Once you've de-optimized your website in an effort to improve organic placement, where do you go from there?

My personal recommendations for site placement:

  • Get blogging at least twice a week using an on-domain blog

  • Get going with Google+ and post regularly at least once a day

  • Create a Google+ Community in your area of expertise and work to foster interaction

  • Start tweeting and work to engage specific followers strategically

  • Enhance the message back on your website make sure what and how you do it is clear

  • Create  a mobile friendly website or one that is mobile responsive

  • Regularly add new content to your website including downloads, special papers, and tip sheets

The new optimization is user-centric and moves to a stronger emphasis on what readers will want to know about you and your services in a sharable way. Great content is sharable content! That's the new world of optimization for 2013.

If you need help with a new strategy consider our SEO evaluation program.


Site Placement 101

Have you experienced the Google smackdown and lost your organic placement? Have you dropped from the first page of results to the second or worse yet to so far back you cannot even find your own site?

If this is your case, what can you do -- anything?

GemsHere is my short list of things to look at and review to see if you can fix your problem.

1. If your website is mainly duplicated content like user generated content (reviews, event postings), or products and descriptions that many other sites share with you -- you will most likely not be able to re mediate your problem. Sorry, hard cold fact via Matt Cutts the lead Google Web Spam engineer. If your content is like others Google no longer considers showing your site organically a value proposition for them UNLESS you create some other type of value for users than just spewing out what others already have on their sites or have already said.

2. If your site does not have duplicate content, there is hope to re mediate a drop through careful content review and update, on-domain blogging, code optimization, and a strategic plan to build value and information with the reader in mind first and foremost.

The changes that Google has made to their search engine in the last year have had very strong and sweeping impacts in regards to how a business sets up and manages their online presence. Getting organic placement is now that much harder to earn and keep, but it all remains about the value you offer to readers and in the greater scheme of things the value you provide to others trying to understand your industry.

So often I hear "my site has dropped, I want to be on page one, others are there why not me?" There are so many factors at play now in regards to organic placement that doing one thing, two things, or even three things just doesn't work. Don't ever lose sight of this fact -- is Google's FREE search engine with results displayed their way and to their criteria, but most of all, Google is in the business to sell advertising not supply FREE search results for website owners.

For a deep dive into why a site that is lower quality than yours may be placing above yours on Google please watch this very insightful video from Search MOZ. I think that the author has explained why this happens in a practical, no nonsense way.


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