2013 Newsletter Archive

December 2013

  1. Google is Focused on Mobile Search, Are You Making It Important?
  2. Ad Extensions Will Now Affect Ad Rank in AdWords
  3. Dealing with Low Search Volume Keywords in AdWords

November 2013

  1. GMail and the Promotion Tab -- What to Do and Know About It
  2. How to Opt Out of Google's Shared Endorsements
  3. Google's Hummingbird Algorithm Explained

October 2013

  1. Structured Data Gives Google What It Wants
  2. Google's Duplicate Content Penalty -- Is It Fiction?

September 2013

  1. Google Wants the Fastest Web Pages to Rank the Highest
  2. On-Page Optimization Only Affects Organic Placement by 25%

August 2013

  1. De-Optimization is the New SEO
  2. Site Placement 101

July 2013

  1. How Can You Get Your Website to Place on Google in the Post Penguin 2.0 and Panda Era

June 2013

  1. Is AuthorRank or BrandRank Coming for Businesses on Google?
  2. Google Cracks Down on Fictitious Google+ Local Reviews
  3. Interesting Tidbits on Local Search Results on Google.com

May 2013

  1. Google AdWords Remarketing Strategies
  2. DudaMobile Integration with Google AdWords
  3. Why Does Your Page and Website Fluctuate in Organic Placement?

April 2013

  1. Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
  2. Bing Up! Enhance Your Bing Ads Program

March 2013

  1. A Real World Guide to Twitter and Facebook

February 2013

  1. Can You Still Place Organically on Google.com?
  2. Are Google+ Communities Better Than Google+ Business Pages?
  3. Can You Ever Wean Yourself Off Google AdWords?

Jamuary 2013

  1. Placement on Google is All About Web Authority Not SEO Tactics
  2. Matt Cutts States eCommerce as We Know It Is Dead
  3. Google's Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging and Link Building Clarification

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