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January 2014

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web ServicesDear Friend,

Google has been busy in the months of November and December; changing up its search engine algorithms and advising webmasters of big changes in how it "racks and stacks" websites based on their content in the organic or unpaid search results.

Some of this new information will have far reaching impacts for websites and e-commerce as we know it now.

I feel that the information in this newsletter is very important and give us insight on how Google will be continuing to impact business' search activity on the Internet in 2014.

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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Placement on Google is All About Web Authority Not SEO Tactics

Since 2001 I have been focused on building authoritative content-rich websites as I felt that this was the best way to truly place on Google and insulate myself and my clients from search engine algorithm changes.

In this past year if your website placement dropped because of the Panda and Penguin Google updates your only way to re mediate traffic is to move into Google AdWords and drive traffic to your poorly placed site or spend time and money to rework your content while changing your online marketing strategy.

This is the bottom line from my own view point of what you should do to get organic placement on Google.

1. Re-mediate your problems first. If you have duplicate content, duplicate websites, poorly written or thin content; get rid of it now!

2. Create a content building plan. Invest in creating rich informational content and share your expertise on your website through a regular plan of content building. Offer unique content with white papers, blog posts, and new pages on your website, remembering to cross link where appropriate.

3. Work your social media plan. The key is to connect is not just to churn out updates on social media; interaction and creating a rich network is key. I like Google+ and Twitter for my own uses as Google spiders these sites and adds updates to their own index. I see more of my own updates from Google+ in the Google search index and so I make sure to try to connect there regularly.

Keep your follower to following ratios in check on all social media platforms. Make sure you have a difference with more followers than following. Google will reward your efforts with a higher SocialRank.

Authority sites do not get built in one week, one month or even in several months. It takes time to create and build content that gets rewarded for placement.



Google+ Announces +Post Ads

Here's another way that Google is monetizing the Web and the newest way that Google is boosting Google+ participation.

To help advertisers create visually rich and compelling experiences online, Google announced this past month that it's testing a new type of monetization for Google+ called +Post ads. The new ad unit will let brands turn Google+ content into display ads that can run across the more than two million sites in the Google Display Network.

This is actually pretty big news. Let me help you to understand why.

1. Different than other social networking advertising, you don't just reach your network, you reach Google's network! If you advertise in the Google AdWords Display network, you'll know that this means hundreds of thousands of impressions.

2. Google is anticipating that this new format will improve click through rate and user engagement. Make sure to watch the video of how Toyota is using +Post ads.

3. The key take away is the ability to connect with a large audience, allow immediate comments to the Google+ post, and one click shareability across platforms – Pretty revolutionary stuff!

4. If you want to try +Post ads, here is the beta sign up to get early involvement. Additionally here is more information from Google about +Post ads.

Although I don't have more information as to pricing, how the program is administered or who can and will be approved, based on what Google has done before I would imagine that there will be a separate ad interface as they used for Google Local ads called AdWords Express.

AdWords Express is shown in the AdWords control panel but administered outside the AdWords control panel. +Post ads just show another innovation from Google on how they are leading the way with mobile and social interaction and how your message can be relevant using Google advertising platforms to reach and engage a greater audience.



Pocket -- a Cool App That Allows You To Read Anything Later

Brian Shea of Seven Sages turned me on to this very cool app that you should check out, it is called GetPocket. Here's what GetPocket is and what it can do.

Pocket allows you to save to read later any article or web page. By saving something of interest to your own Pocket account, you can read it on your phone, on your tablet, or on your desktop. You don’t even have to be online to be able to read the content!

To get started visit Chrome makes it easy to add a GetPocket app that sits in your browser top menu. IE makes it a little more difficult but follow these instructions and add it to your Favorites Bar. In this case you right click the orange button and then save to Favorites and then in the open list Favorites bar.

You can sort your links, delete them, and favorite them. You can add articles, videos, links whatever you want. Visit Google Play or the Apple Store to get the free smartphone app that expands it use tremendously.

For me, this is a fabulous tool as it takes everything that I want to read later and allows me to be more productive on the go. So often I find cool things or articles I want to read later to blog about and I have been saving them in Outlook for Saturday reading. But I have to be sitting at my computer to re-read them. Now, I can sign into and read my articles sitting at the dentist waiting on kids or when I have a free moment out and about.

Thanks Brian, for letting me know about this very cool and helpful app/tool!


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