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January 2015

Nancy McCord, Owner of McCord Web ServicesDear Friend,

Are you ready to break out of that plateau you've been sitting at in 2014? For 2015 make a pledge to do more with your website and generate more online buzz about your business.

It just take a little bit of savvy on your part to leverage exposure for your website with Google AdWords or sharable content when you work with my team at McCord Web Services. We are experts in promoting you!

In this issue, based on what I am seeing trending I have crafted my predictions for the year 2015. In January 2016 I'll do a review to see if I was on target or if my predictions were a bust. Right now I feel that they are on target!

Best Regards,

Nancy McCord

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My Predictions for the Web for 2015

Google Partner BadgeIt's January 1st and I'm getting the jump on the rest of the SEO pundits with my predictions for what we will see in 2015 on the Web. Here's what I see as important for my industry and for business owners to take notice of.

1. The Mobile Web and Google
This whole next year expect to see more activity from Google in regards to refining how websites are ranked based on mobile friendliness. If you at the minimum do not have a DudaMobile website to turn you not so friendly mobile site into one that Google will like, now's the time to make that move. Better yet is to invest in rebuilding your website using a responsive design which will serve you better in the long run.

2. Mobile Pay Will Be Hot
As all merchants will need to upgrade their swipe terminals to accept the new SIM card personal identifier in credit cards, Brian Shea of Seven Sages and I predict that nearly all merchants will move to the contactless pay terminals allowing greater use of mobile payments with Apple Pay and Softcard. I really like Mobile Pay and predict that this will really change our world in 2015 and 2016. Thanks Brian for the tip on terminals.

3. Organic Listings Will be Pushed Below the Fold on
Google is continuing to try to keep visitors on their site even longer with the Knowledge Graph and the Carousel. I expect to see Google continue to add even more location specific content on the page pushing true organic listings even lower on the page and these may actually be pushed below the fold. This will drive more businesses into Google AdWords for visibility. As the lines are blurred even further between paid ads and unpaid listings I expect to see strong growth in Google's income as more businesses vie for the limited ad spaces.

4. Facebook Will Be in Direct Search Competition With Google
I don't expect to see this in early 2015, but I would expect to see Facebook launch its own search engine by the end of 2015. I expect to see it branded with personal reviews and friend's activity, making it a powerful competitor to Google. I am expecting to see developments in this area by late 2015 and early 2016. I feel that Facebook is looking to be more than a social news site and looking to go head to head with Google AdWords but in a unique creative way that will cause huge issues for Google's market share.

5. Twitter Will Try to Become "Facebook"
In 2015 I expect Twitter to continue to try to attract more readers onto their home page and may actually drop the ability for so many third party apps to post content. I expect to see Twitter try to control scheduling of posts by either creating their own posting scheduling app or selecting only approved vendors. Twitter is looking to innovate and to stay vital, it will need to work to re-invent itself new technology in 2015 or start to lose market share.

Those are my top five predictions for 2015. Do you have any of your own you want to share? Make sure to visit my Facebook page or Google+ page and let me know yours!


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