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AdWords DSA Ads – Should You Use Them?

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DSA or Dynamic Search Ads allow you to target your website content and services without having to create intensive keyword lists. With automated titles that match a user’s search query and Google knowing the best landing page on your website for every query, you get highly targeted advertising without hours of set up.

As Google states, "over 70% of the search queries it sees have no exact match keyword and queries are longer." Dynamic Search Ads are a great fit for many client accounts, but not all.

No keywords are needed for the set up of a DSA program and Google will even create its own dynamic sitelinks if you do not enter any in the ad groups sitelink extensions.

You can select catagories to promote and even exclude pages and groups of pages you do not want to advertise.

The sites that work best with Dynamic Search Ads are those that have a number of pages and that are promoting multiple services, typically one service or product per page. I personally find DSA ads a great match for e-commerce sites and even doctors that provide medispa services.

If you are looking for an AdWords account manager who knows how to get the most bang for your buck in Google AdWords, make sure to visit our website to review client ratings and prices.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

AdWords DSA Ads – Should You Use Them?

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