McCord Web Services November 2016  

Is Your Website "Frozen"?

Dear Friend,

Is your website "frozen" like the Alaskan glacier I have pictured below? If your website is not generating the return that it has in the past, it may be time to find out what can unthaw your online presence and turn the trickle of leads to a regular flow.

My photo for this issue was taken from the top of the Mendenhall Glacier after having helicoptered in. You can just about feel the br-r-r-r blowing off the ice!

Don't let your website be cold territory like this! To unfreeze a site, I recommend Google AdWords as the very best way to start generating nearly immediate targeted leads, but I want to make sure that leads keep coming even if you turn pay per click advertising off and so I will also recommend a site review to assure that everything possible on the organic side is working to your benefit plus our review helps to provide a roadmap for your ongoing organic placement building strategy.

If you would like to discuss your website and online presence, I invite you to visit my online appointment scheduling tool to set up a free 15 minute consultation of how our services can help to boost your site traffic and lead generation. It's time to unthaw your site and get the leads flowing freely again.

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

Is Your Site Traffic Frozen?

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