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Digital Security Travel Tips for World Adventurers

Dear Friend,

I have just returned from an extended family vacation to India. The image you see below is of of the beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra. The sights I saw in India were beautiful and the people friendly. The culture, food, and everyday life is very different from what we experience in America. I thank our government for our garbage collectors and clean free public restrooms.

As a business owner, I had challenges in traveling and working in India and learned some very important lessons about smartphone and laptop security as well as how to stay connected in even the most remote places. I have posted several of my lessons learned on my blog. You may find them helpful before you travel abroad to India or another developing country.

Charge Your Stuff Anywhere Anytime

Tips to Keeping Your Laptop Secure on Hotel Wi-Fi

Your Smartphone Needs Firefox Too

All the Best,

Nancy C. McCord

Travel Tips for World Adventurers

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