2019 Newsletter Archive

June 2019

  1. Doctor Websites and Brand Name Drugs
  2. How to Determine Your Starting Google Ads Budget
  3. How to Stop Others from Using Your Trademark in Google Ads
  4. The Value of Our Monthly Google Ads Strategy Call

May 2019

  1. How We Bill For Google Ads Services
  2. What Happens When Your Budge Is Too Low
  3. When to Increase Your Budget in Google Ads

April 2019

  1. Google Partner Video
  2. Smart Shopping Campaigns
  3. Google Shopping Best Practices

March 2019

  1. Google Personal Search Video
  2. Yes You Are in An Auction in Google Ads
  3. Is Search Engine Optimization for You?

February 2019

  1. What We Are Watching for 2019 Video
  2. Expert Google Ads Services
  3. The Value of a Google Partner

January 2019

  1. Happy New Year
  2. Looking Forward to 2019: Consumers Want Website Chat
  3. Looking Back on 2018: the EU's GDPR Policy's Impact

Newsletter Archive