Our e-Newsletter Design Portfolio

Heritage Pest Control monthly e-newsletterWe have created two designs that we have extensively tested for best use that are mobile responsive and look good in Outlook, GMail, Hotmail, and Outlook.com.

Design One

This style jumps right into content and has one large 580 pixel wide image at the top of the page. It has three sections that help to lead readers into your online content. This format is best for businesses that are using social media and have a number of online content outlets. It is best used for clients that are blogging two to three times a week and are active on several social media networks. I use this format for my own monthly e-newsletter.

Design Two

This style opens with a owner's welcome message and then features content from one of your blog posts. It has a block at the bottom to send readers to your online blog and three social media sites. Many of our clients use this format as they like the welcome message from the owner.

E-newsletters Are For Everyone!

You do not need to have an online subscription service or link on your website to benefit from a customized electronic newsletter!

Our clients use their e-newsletters for:

  • Thanking new clients for their purchase.
  • Announcements of new products.
  • Announcements of new services.
  • Keeping clients informed with monthly articles on their business sector.

There are many more uses for e-newsletters, contact us today to find out how you can benefit from their use in your business!