Google AdWords™ Mini and Google AdWords Express Services

If you'd like to test out if AdWords would work for you before you invest marketing dollars or have a small budget for advertising on AdWords, we have one program for you. This program is best used by accounts with a $300 to $1,000 monthly ad spend when regular account management services are not needed.

AdWords DSA and Remarketing Set Up Fee – $350

AdWords has introduced some great low click cost programs that do not need intensive account management. A quarterly tune-up/check-in on these programs to freshen ad text and to evaluate performance is recommended. When combined together they provide excellent exposure when marketing budgets are tight.

Dynamic Search Ads or DSA Set Up
Once set up, AdWords spiders your website for content, shows your ads with a dynamically generated ad title that matches a user's search query and takes the reader to the exact page on your website where that product, topic or service is found. We've found that DSA is best used for websites with at least 50 pages of content but can work on slightly smaller websites as well. The big bonus for this program is that ads are shown in the search network and AdWords dynamically inserts an appropriate title and destination URL based on knowledge of your website and the user's search query.

Remarketing Ad Set Up
Ads are served in the Display Network but are only shown after a user has visited your website. Visitors do not even need to have clicked an AdWords ad to see these special remarketing ads. Remarketing ads follow the user around the Web - reinforcing your brand, increasing exposure, and can generate low ad cost sales and conversions. Code will need to be installed by your webmaster on all pages of your website and your exposure list has to hit 100 visitor cookies before Google will start showing your ads. We provide one text ad version and a set of display ads using the Google AdWords Display Ad Builder. Please note you will need to update your privacy policy with Google's specific use information to use this service. Some website services will not be allowed by Google to use remarketing.

Our Program Details
Purchase of our service includes the initial set up and time to review the account twice in the 30 days after launch. We cap our time at 3.5 hours of service. Additional time, if needed, to check ad serving or troubleshoot a problem may be purchased for $90 per hour. Not all websites will be a good match for this program. We'd be glad to review if yours may be a good match for these automated advertising programs. We recommend an ad budget for clicks monthly of $300 to $500.

AdWords Express "Go Local" – Set Up $200

Our AdWords Express Go Local Program utilizes the Google's automated platform that needs no monthly oversight or routine account management. Once set up Google will show your ads in a 15 mile radius of your business location. This is great for a low budget program or local selling business. We recommend an ad budget for clicks monthly of $200 to $500.

In our Go Local Program set up we'll perform the following functions.

  1. We create one version of ad text (that is all Google allows)
  2. AdWords™ will create the keywords and they will be general in theme. We will review the initial list and remove those we do not feel are targeted enough for your needs.
  3. Ads will only show in a 15 mile radius.
  4. We cannot add keywords, ad text, or change bids.
  5. This is really for the business owner who does not want to manage an AdWords™ program, hire an account manager, but would like to test AdWords™ for their business or only sells locally.
  6. Although the program will appear in your AdWords™ account, it is read only and can only be administered through the AdWords Express™ control panel.

If you feel that AdWords™ is successful for you after your initial test in AdWords Express™, we recommend continuing with AdWords™ advertising using our Quick Start program.

In this special program, we bill $200 for set up services and will review your account twice after set up. Our hourly rate for this program is $90 per hour. Our time is capped at 2.2 hours of service. When our time runs out, you have the option to have us review your account once a month or as needed.