McCord Web Services Quick Start AdWords Account Set Up

Our Quick Start™ program includes the following services:

Please see our Maintenance Pricing for Monthly management charges beyond the third month.

Why Use McCord Web Services Over Other AdWords Account Management Services?

There are several reasons why you should use our services over others.

1. An investment of $1,462 (for most clients) for a 90 day period is a significant savings over other services that charge $699 a month or $2,097 for the same 90 day period. That's a savings of $635 when you use McCord Web Services!

2. During the first four weeks we monitor, tweak, and actively manage your AdWords account compared to other services that may monitor/manage only one time a week. We have found that the high level of management time we spend in the first four weeks pays off in getting your AdWords account started out right, and allows us to rapidly test strategies to start conversion activity fast.

3. As Google Partners, we are examined and monitored by Google. Many other services do not carry this credential and so may not be up to date on advanced AdWords tools and campaign management strategies. Read more about the value of a Google Partner. We are specialized and certified by Google in Search, Mobile, Display, Shopping advertising.

4. We think that once you talk to our expert, Nancy McCord, you'll understand that it is her depth of experience, knowledge, experience in generating leads for clients, and passion for AdWords that is what set us apart from other services.


AdWords™ Account Management Services Monthly
After Completion of Phase I and Phase II

Once your account has completed our Quick Start™ you will be billed for our services monthly.

For AdWords™ advertisers that have not used our set up programs, we may also be able to provide management services at our rate of $90 per hour. Please contact us to get a quotation for AdWords™ account optimization and on-going account management for your account.

On-Going Management - Our Fees Are Based on the Number of Ad Groups or Your Monthly Ad Spend

As you enter our monthly maintenance program, we continue to review your program on a weekly basis and more frequently for accounts with larger ad spends and based on the number of purchased service hours.

During our on-going management phase, we monitor your account and communicate any changes or improvements that would be helpful as we see them. In many cases, these updates can be made within the time you have purchased. Please be aware that if you need more time to create additional ad groups, desire additional phone conferences, or need time to strategize with us for your account, you will incur additional fees based on our billable rate of $90 per hour when our time exceeds the limit you have purchased monthly. We will advise you in advance of any additional charges.

For all clients, we email a PDF executive summary of the previous month’s account activity on the first business day of each month. Your management fee is determined by whichever is greater, ad spend or number of ad groups and adjusted once monthly.

Pricing for On-Going Management Services

Time Cap Service Level Price Ad Groups 30 Day Ad Spend
2.5 hours Quick Start with 15 min. Monthly Strategy Call $213 1 to 4 $550 to $2,000
2.7 hours Quick Start with 15 min. Monthly Strategy Call $230 5 to 7 $2,001 to $3,600
3.0 hours Quick Start with 20 min. Monthly Strategy Call $260 8 to 10 $3,601 to $4,600
3.5 hours Quick Start with 20 min. Monthly Strategy Call $298 11 to 13 $4,601 to $6,000
5.0 hr min or Contracted Quick Start with 30 min. Monthly Strategy Call $90/hour 14 & Up $6,001 and up

Please contact us for pricing for more than 14 ad groups. Our minimum hourly commitment for 14 ad groups is 5.0 hours per month and may be more based on your actual account needs.


Doing Business with Us

When you select our AdWords Quick Start™ program, you will pay for our services in advance by check or by credit card. We will schedule time in our production schedule to work on your Google AdWords™ ads after receipt of payment during the regular business work week.

Our billable rate for AdWords™ services is $90 per hour. We consider email correspondence, phone conversations to discuss strategy, and conference calls billable events while we are managing your AdWords account.

Please remember our fees are separate from the click charges that you will pay directly to Google. We make no margin or commission on any clicks delivered in your account. Find out from Google more about working with third party account managers like McCord Web Services. McCord Web Services manages your account with the highest level of integrity and adheres strictly to Google's policies to provide full transparency for how clicks are delivered and how your budget is spent. At all times, you have full access to your AdWords™ advertising account.