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Innovative tools that help you nail your is involved in the pay for click arena with their innovative Bing Ads program and the search engine Bing has also taken over serving search and ad results on Yahoo. Some of the tools that Bing Ads has integrated have forever changed pay for click advertising and set a new benchmark for the marketplace.

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The best part of this type of ad exposure is that you pay nothing for showing your ad to millions of prospects; building brand identification in the process. You only pay when a prospect clicks your ad and visits your website. The number of clicks divided by the number of impressions equals the Click Through Rate known as CTR which is key in determining overall account and keyword performance.

McCord Web Services is a Bing PartnerNancy McCord is a Bing Ads Accredited Professional and her firm is a Bing Ads Professional Accredited Company and a Bing Partner. An official Bing Ads Accredited Professional has completed comprehensive online training on managing Bing Ads search engine marketing campaigns and has demonstrated expert knowledge by passing the Bing Ads accreditation exam. She has been certified with the program since 2007, and has been providing PPC management services for over nine years. She is also a Google AdWords Certified Professional and her firm is a Google Partner.

At McCord Web Services, we offer services for clients both large and small. Our average client spends between $500 to $8,000 per month on clicks in addition to our fees. With us you'll receive the top notch, customer-satisfaction driven service that keeps our professional Internet advertising management business growing.

Bing Ads' Advanced Targeting Explained

When comparing Bing Ads to Google AdWords, Bing Ads is similar to Google AdWords both in use, features, and complexity of the account management interface. Both Google AdWords and Bing Ads allow for deciding the time of day your ad will show and also advanced bidding options based on the time of day.


Bing Ads is able to target additional age and gender demographics by using the information that the viewer has entered when setting up a MSN Passport, Hotmail account or updating Windows Live preferences. It is important to understand that when you target specific demographics such as time of day, gender, age, day of the week you will select an incremental pricing factor that is added to your base click cost per keyword. That being said, we think that these additional options can be quite useful for ad spend control.

The incremental increase to your base bid to target a specific demographic that you have selected is selected as a percentage of your cost per click for the entire ad group. For example if you selected to pay $1 per click for the keyword "web design" but for the targeting day part at morning and afternoon, you have selected to increase your bid by 30% to increase the chance that your ad will be displayed at a higher position during those times, you will pay $1.30 per click for clicks that you receive in that specific time period.


Our Bing Ads Advertising Tips

Incremental click cost increases are done in 10% increments only and apply to the entire keyword list in the Bing Ads ad group. Remember your ad group may contain multiple ads, so be careful how you structure your account if you are using incremental bidding. You may select different percentages for location, day of the week, time of the day, gender, and age all within the same ad group.

If you are already using Google AdWords, Bing Ads tries to make it easy to import your keyword list and cost per click figures to their interface. There is some manipulation of the data needed to move information from Google AdWords to the Bing advertising control panel due to the fact that Google AdWords ads are set up with two lines of description versus Bings' ads only having one description line. For new accounts just starting out with Bing Ads, this allows for migration of other successful pay per click advertising programs into their interface.

Nancy McCord is a Bing Ads Pro, Bing Partner, and Writer for the Bing Ads Community Blog

Nancy McCord is not only is a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, but she is a monthly article writer for the global Bing Ads Community Blog and Forum. You can read her articles on a wide range of topics about how to use Bing Ads at

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