McCord Web Services Video Services for YouTube and Website Use

We've partnered with an expert video creation firm to offer services to compile stills or short video clips for use on websites. Find out more about this affordable service and how to get Google indexing your video in the organic search results today. Our typical video project runs under $300.

Why Use Video?

1. YouTube videos are hot! You can immediately communicate a message using video.

2. Google likes to feature YouTube videos (its own property) in the organic search results.

3. The growth in video makes it considered the new SEO

Video Samples

To help you evaluate if video is right for you, we have selected several clips to showcase our services.

This video showcases music and smooth transitions.

This video showcases music, smooth transitions, and text overlays.

Video Services Pricing

For each project, you would simply send us your video from your phone or camera. Michael McCord will then contact you to check your requirements and then provide a price estimate. Typically completed videos will be 1-2 minutes long and start at $90 per hour for rendering of a simple video.

Additional enhancements such as music, music use licenses, adding talking sound tracks, text overlays, and post processing are available at $90 per hour. Our typical video project runs under $300.

If you need YouTube Channel set up, we can provide that as well! Just ask us how you can get started with video on YouTube or on your website today!