Article Writing Services

You Can Be Fishing for Links While Adding Great Content to Your Website

Are you fishing for business? Link bait articles can help you get more website traffic.A great way to improve your organic search placement for your website and build one way in-bound links is by the writing and posting of informational articles on your website. Our quality articles are written on topics that dovetail nicely with your service offerings and provide interesting informational content that is sure to be of value to your website visitors.

Our articles are informational in tone and do soft sell your services; but not so much that they are not considered "linkable" by others. Additionally, these articles create "authority", in the eyes of search engines, and should be considered just one part (albeit an important part) of a your program to improve your organic search placement over time.

Although we cannot write for every business and on every topic, our services may be a great match for your current needs. Contact us to see if we might be a good match for your needs.

Many clients use our special articles in multiple ways. For example, one client has us write interesting articles on a wide range of topics for their newsletter that is targeted to prospects. We also post these articles back on the client's website in a special article section and then promote them on his social media profiles.

Writer Rates

The writing rate for our articles (depending on topic and difficulty) is negotiated individually based on the topic and your needs. Our billable rate is $75 per hour. Articles will run around 500 to 800 words or so in length. (One page in Word is about 500 words.) Articles are supplied to you in Microsoft Word document format for your use. We supply one revision with our pricing.

Article Samples We Have Written

Please find listed below a sampling of articles that we have written for clients for posting on their website, syndication, magazines, and trade show publications.

"How to Save on Fabulous Winter Vacations"

"Does Your 'Shopping Behavior' Add to Holiday Stress?"

"Say Cheese! How to Choose a Digital Camera"

"New RV Trends: What to Watch for in 2011"

"Travelers' Guide to Avoiding Bed Bugs"

"What to Do if Bed Bugs Come Visiting for the Holidays"

"How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home from Work"

"When Bed Bugs Check In, Guests Check Out!"

"Buyer Beware: Bed Bugs Can Squash Real Estate Deals"

"Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel? How to Recession Proof Your Business"

"K-9 Patrols Are the New Weapon in the War on Bed Bugs"

"Eye Beauty Enhancement Tips from Melany Whitney CPCP, DAAM"

"How Collaborative Practice Benefits Children"

"Bed Bugs – A Serious Problem for Property Owners"

"New System Tracks Down Hard to Find Rodent Entry Points"