Responsive Web Design and Quality Content

Multiple screensAre you looking for a skilled web designer with SEO know-how and quality, unique website content that sells your services while communicating authority, transparency and by building trust? If so, we may be the perfect match for your needs. With over fourteen years of experience in web design, our Quick Launch program provides responsive websites (sites that look good on desktops, tablets, different sized screens, and smartphones alike) giving you the professional web presence you need for today's multi-screen world.

Our websites supply the look and feel that is popular with users today and are a good match for search engines. We use HTML5 and CSS for our Quick Launch Design skins. Our strength is our in-depth authoritative content with a strong focus on keyword usage and wording that conveys transparency and confidence to your website visitors. Your new responsively designed website can become a lead generating tool that brings you new business and prospects.

In the image on this page you can see how a responsive designed website page looks on (from left to right) a Samsung 15" screen Chromebook, large square desktop monitor, Motorola Droid smartphone, 7" inch screen Kindle Fire tablet, and a small 12" screen netbook. Note how the design changes to fill the screen of the device appropriately and how the images scale to the proper size for viewing with each specific device. This type of technology is called responsive design, meaning that the code responds to deliver the right layout for the specific device's screen width.

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Final pricing for your Quick Launch website is based on a more in-depth interview of your specific needs. You will be able to select from a selection of site skins and colors for your website skeleton which we build on top of to provide a customized look. Pricing starts at $2,200 to $5,500 and up depending on the design elements in the skin you select.

Ready to get a quote on your project? We'll need to know a bit more information. Please take just a moment to complete our online form to let us know some basic information about your needs and time frame so that when we call to chat we'll understand your needs.